About Us

"A frame can significantly enhance or diminish a work of art" MT

Erick Sanchez and Miguel Trelles - Founders of Frames and Stretchers
We’re artists who understand that your time and resources should go toward your art, not its frame.

Our Mission
With deep personal and professional roots in the LES community, we represent a unique micro art business that strives to create jobs locally, while offering high quality, sustainable and complete framing solutions to NYC and beyond.

Why We Do It
Born out of Miguel Trelles' and Erick Sanchez’s mutual frustration from spending too many paychecks on framing their own pieces, Frames and Stretchers first opened its studio doors in the famed Lower East Side’s Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center. Erick’s unmatched business savvy in the art industry and and expertise in framing, combined with Miguel’s remarkable Studio ecosystem, allowed the pair to create an ever-expanding frame, stretcher and canvas brand perfect for any art-maker or art lover.

Erick Sanchez artwork

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Miguel Trelles artwork

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