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Frames and Stretchers is excited to announce our partnership with iart Services in the exciting Miami neighborhood of Wynwood and located at 2341 NW 8th Ave. Miami FL 33127. Our newest showroom is part of the Wynwood Arts District in Miami. The absolute best place for picture framing in Miami is no other than Frames and Stretchers. Frames and Stretchers is a high-end, full service picture framing store in Miami. From museum quality custom frames, canvas stretching, fine art crating, art delivery to installation, we do it all at Frames and Stretchers Miami.

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Monday- Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Ph: 718-207-1184

floater frame miami
Canvas Floater Frame In Miami For Jonas Wood Painting

For many years, Frames and Stretchers has provided personalized, quality service to collectors, galleries, artists and individuals across the globe. With unsurpassed creative vision and expert advice, the best picture framing in Miami helps advise customers on what picture frame will look best with your artwork. Moreover, Frames and Stretchers will ensure to stay within your coveted price range. They will also help clients find the best picture framing in Miami for their project.

 best onsite canvas picture framing service in miami fl
Custom Made White Maple Picture Framing In Miami For Kaws

Frames and Stretchers helps art collectors, individual artists, galleries small startups and large companies with their needs for canvas stretching and picture framing in Miami. Because the team at Frames and Stretchers has formed many exceptional connections across Miami’s art markets, we’re able to introduce possible customers to a wide range of delectable artwork in many styles and mediums that would work best within corporate or small spaces.

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  Art Installation In Miami For Chic Evolution In Art at Scope

We guarantee that you can find the best picture framing in Miami at Frames and Stretchers. Here, we make sure that our customers will be more than satisfied. Our team of professional art framers, conservators and craftsmen have years of experience to make sure our customers get some of the best picture framing in Miami.

Best Fine Art Crating In Miami
Fine Art Crating In Miami For Alex Katz

Art related services in Miami that we provide are:

 Canvas Stretching Service In Miami FL
Best On-Site Canvas Stretching in Miami

Where To Get Canvas Stretching In Miami

Since its beginning, Frames and Stretchers has formed its status as the best canvas stretching and picture framing in Miami by delivering exceptional customer service and impeccable personalized framing. Nowhere else will you find this kind of picture framing and canvas stretching in Miami. We’ve had years of experience in this industry, doing picture framing and canvas stretchers in Miami for hundreds of different art collectors, galleries, painters, and museums.
Interlocking Canvas Stretchers In Miami
Over-Sized Canvas Stretcher in Miami 

At Frames and Stretchers, we believe that your pieces of art deserve a boundary worthy of its beauty and originality. We are artists just as much as you, and we find pride in our work just as much as yours. This is another reason why we are the best place to get picture framing in Miami.
 Canvas Stretching Floater Frame Miami FL
Canvas Stretching Service And Floater Frame in Miami
Because of our numerous personal and professional connections throughout Miami, Frames and Stretchers has a quaint but powerful art business. Here, we try to produce more local jobs and at the same time provide the best picture framing in Miami and beyond.

 Best On Site Canvas Picture Framing Service In Miami FL
On-Site Canvas Stretching In Miami For a 54 feet x 8 Feet Painting

Unfortunately, sometimes, people will come across a piece of artwork they absolutely adore but it is too big to fit through their doorway. And believe us, this actually happens pretty often. In this situation, the team at Frames and Stretchers is more than happy to come help you with on-site stretching. We are experienced art handlers in Miami, so you can trust your work. Even more, we will send our team anywhere across the country to on-site stretch fine and delicate pieces of artwork.  
 On Site Picture Framing And Canvas Stretching Miami Wynwood
Best On-Site Canvas Stretching In Miami By Frames And Stretchers
Our team will come to you... Whether it’s an art gallery, business enterprise or simply your home, we will come look at your piece of work and assess the best framing solutions in Miami at your location. This saves time, money and is the foundation of the solid relationship between our clients and us. Frames and Stretchers, the best picture framing in Miami, wants to help you build something that perfectly fits your needs.
Picture Framing And Canvas Stretching Company In Miami
Hand-Crafted Closed Corner Floater Frame For Canvas In Miami

Why Get Picture Framing In Miami From Frames And Stretchers?

As they say, an artwork or photographs are like a window to the soul. It is something that people should forever cherish and protect. A frame can really highlight these special moments you will want to treasure forever. The right picture frame in Miami, can make your photo or artwork come alive.
Frames and Stretchers is known as the best place to get picture framing in Wynwood Miami, and for good reason! Specifically, our expert team has tons of experience providing people from all over the world with high-quality frames and framing consultations.
High Quality Picture Frames In Miami FL
High-Quality Printing Services in Miami For Cuyana Boutique

More importantly, we are professionals when it comes to our jobs. We know what we’re doing and how to do it. So, when it comes to framing, we know there are hundreds of ways to shape and display works of art and stunning photographs. We will help you find the best frame in Miami for your piece that you’ll absolutely adore.
Stainless Steel Picture Framing Miami
Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Frame for Tom 

Frames and Stretchers Miami has different types of glazing options to choose from that all include UV protection. Without a high level of UV protection, a piece of framed art can deteriorate and fade at a much quicker rate. Not to mention, the rays from the sun will also cause your photo to age with intense color loss. This is why the Frames and Stretchers team is committed to providing the best picture framing in Miami. And for this reason, we offer Museum Glass and Optium Museum Plexi - UV protected, only the best for our customers. These materials make sure your work will be kept safe from light.

 High Quality Picture Frames In Miami
Hand Crafted Frame In Miami for Space Invader Tiles Kit

At Frames and Stretchers, we are experts at framing photographs. In fact, wedding and family photos of any size are just some of our strong suits. Our customers can select from hundreds of frame and mat options to best meet their decoration needs. We frame everything, like one-of-a-kind masterpieces, prints and more. Frames and Stretchers offers the best personalized picture framing in Miami.

Picture Framing In Miami FL
Custom Hand Painted Picture Frame In Miami for Damian Hirst

We also specialize in canvasses, stretching and canvas stretching. At Frames and Stretchers, we offer dry-kilned interlocking basswood stretcher bars. They are archival, very strong and light. They are personally customized to fit any artwork on canvas. Similar to our frames, customers can order our stretchers for delivery either unassembled or assembled. This is just another reason Frames and Stretchers is the best place to get picture framing in Miami.

 Canvas Stretching In Miami FL
On-Site Canvas Stretching Using Interlocking Stretchers in Miami
Frames and Stretchers is a premier one-stop-shop for all picture framing in Miami. We work with individual artists, interior designers and companies to produce the most delectable finishing touch to any space. More importantly, though, the Frames and Stretchers team will work closely with you to carefully select the right materials that will bring your vision to reality.
Steel Picture Framing in Miami For Alexis Diaz Silkscreen
Number One Place For Picture Framing In Miami, FL – Frames and Stretchers

The art of custom picture framing in Miami is lost among many. So much so, that there are no longer many who can do it successfully. Luckily, at Frames and Stretchers, our adept and talented framers have all of the necessary education and background to produce a wildly aesthetically pleasing structure that will memorialize your valuable photographs and expensive paintings.
Picture Framing Shop In Miami FL
Our Picture Framing Shop In Miami Re-Framed Andy Warhol

Visit us at Frames and Stretchers Miami at 2341 nw 8th Ave. Miami FL 33127 to see all of the different picture frames in Miami we offer. Get personalized advice regarding which framing solution will work best for you and your artwork!

Do you have questions about our picture frames in Wynwood, Miami? For more information, please feel free to call us today for a quote at 718-207-1184 or you may Contact Us Here. We offer free quotes for anyone looking for the best place to get picture framing in Miami!