Floater Frames For Canvas Paintings In Tribeca

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Frames and Stretchers offers the highest quality custom floater frames for canvas paintings in Tribeca and all New York, an ideal option for presenting works which are already stretched. From Frames and Stretchers in Tribeca, we ensure that we provide our customers with nothing less than exceptional professional service.

contemporary-oval-floater-frames-for-canvas-paintings-in-tribecaHandcrafted oval floater frame for canvas

As distinguished from traditional framing processes, floater frames are designed specifically for canvas paintings. By adding a small gap between the work and the frame, floater frames make a painting appear as though it is floating within its frame. In turn, this small sliver of space reveals the edges of a painting, allowing it to breathe. 

By distancing the artwork from its frame, floater frames for stretched canvas add a sense of dimension through a distinguished recessed perspective. This will enhance your art by adding contemporary sophistication and refinement to any piece.

Additionally, floater frames are a wonderful framing option for structural conservation, as the small space between the frame and the painting ensure that your artwork will be safeguarded from the contact and pressure that can result from traditional framing processes.

Custom wood floater frame for painting on canvas

Why Use Floater Frames For Canvas Paintings in Tribeca?

Frames can make or break an artwork, so choosing the right frame is an essential step in figuring out the proper presentation of your work. Here at Frames and Stretchers in Tribeca, we find that floater frames are many galleries’ first choice for custom framing stretched canvases. In showing the entirety of your stretched canvases, floater frames strike the perfect balance between fresh and refined, enlivening any painting while still providing the clarity of a frame.

The perfect framing option for stretched paintings

Using floater frames for canvas paintings in New York City can give anything the illusion of floating within a frame. With their capacity to give paintings a nice, recessed perspective, floater frames will add elegance and sophistication to any work of art.

If you want to give special attention to the edges of your art, floater frames for canvas paintings in Tribeca are a perfect option to frame without sacrificing important details in the work. Also, because of the small gap provided by the frame, floater frames protect your canvas from any possible damage that might occur as a result from the contact pressure of glass, mounting board, or other materials used in traditional framing processes.

Double-walled floater frame for a Jonas Wood canvas painting

Reasons For Using Floater Frames

Sophistication – Because floater frames for canvas paintings are the favored type of framing used in art galleries and museums in NYC, using a floater frame will help to properly register your work more immediately as a refined art object.

Floater frame in exhibition

Protection – Floater frames provide your canvas painting with extra space between the artwork and the frame. This added space prevents potential damage that can occur from contact with the frame, and of course, helps to protect from contact with the outside world.

3D Feel – Artwork is meant to come alive, and should feel even morenot lessalive when housed in a frame. Here in Tribeca, we find that floater frames highlight the objecthood of any painting by enunciating their edges, immediately adding dimension and a recessed perspective which pushes any 2D work into the third dimension.


Floater frames are an exquisite final touch for any work of art

Floater Frames vs Float Mounting

It’s easy to confuse floater frames with float mounting; however, it is important to distinguish these two things from one another. Both floater frames and float mounting add a floating effect to the artwork, but they are not used in the same way.

While floater frames for canvas paintings describe a specific kind of frame, float mounting describes a particular technique used with works on paper. In float mounting, the artwork appears to hover away from the mounting board in the mat, and is used to frame flat works like photographs, prints, and documents.


Float mounting for works on paper

Floater frames for canvas paintings, on the other hand, are designed specifically for artwork which has already been stretched, and ensure that the front of the canvas does not actually come in contact with the frame. This floating illusion adds more dimension, sophistication, and refinement to any kind of artwork on canvas and give the artwork the appearance of floating from inside the frame. These floater frames for canvas paintings ensure that the canvas does not actually touch the frame itself. This sense of illusion will add more dimension, sophistication, and refinement to any kind of canvas artwork.

Hand-crafted gilded floater frame for oil painting

When To Use A Floater Frame For Canvas Paintings

Choosing the right frame for your work is an art in and of itself. A frame can change the way in which a piece of art is interpreted, so it is crucial to select the absolute best frame possible. At Frames and Stretchers in Tribeca, we gladly provide consultation to help decide which frame works best for each and every work of art. The perfect frame can enhance the tone, mood, and style of any piece of artwork, so it is important to know when to use a floater frame. Floater frames might be the right choice if you are looking to:

Highlight The Contemporary And Modern Aspects Of Your Art – Floater frames are the go-to frames for all contemporary artwork. Just visit any art gallery or museum to see how floater frames are utilized for contemporary pieces.

Maximize Your Space – If your exhibition space does not offer you a lot of real estate to lay out your pieces, floater frames are a wonderful way to use tight space efficiently by allowing for each work of art to have proper framing without adding the extra inches.

Feature The Edges Of Your Piece – Floater frames highlight and accentuate edges of paintings, so your framing can provide structure without hiding important peripheral details.

Custom framing for canvas paintings


What Kinds of Floater Frames For Canvas Paintings In Tribeca Do You Offer?

At Frames and Stretchers in Tribeca, we know that floater frames for canvas paintings are in high demand for artists who want to display their work in the most elegant and sophisticated way possible. We provide artists with a wide variety of options for floater frames so that the frameproperly compliments your artwork. Below are some of the options for you to choose from to bring your artwork to life through floater frames:

Wood – Our wood floater frames are made with clean-lined moldings that will give your artwork a refined, natural look. Here at Frames and Stretchers, we offer a number of different high-quality hardwoods to best suit your stretched paintings in Tribeca.

Detail of one of our finished wood floater frames

Steel – Our steel floater frames will add a modern and industrial edge to your artwork. We also offer a number of different finishes to match your piece’s aesthetic, including, but not limited to: brushed, rust-like, and painted.

Mirror-polished stainless steel floater frame for canvas

Gold Top – Combine our exceptional hardwoods with the extravagance of hand-carved gold for a more luxurious look and feel.

An exquisite gold-gilded frame 

Customized – We frame canvas paintings in Tribeca with as much individual consideration as the works themselveseach unique piece deserves, too, a unique and framing job with customized consideration. Don’t forget that we are happy to create custom frames for canvas paintings, and are happy to work with the individual demands of any given project, at any step of the process. Please do not hesitate to reach out so we can help bring your framing dreams to reality!


In-progress picture of a custom floater frame

...And the finished product!

Additional Products And Services By Frames and Stretchers – Floater Frames For Canvas Paintings In Tribeca

At Frames and Stretchers, we do a lot in addition to creating high quality floater frames for canvas paintings in Tribeca. We offer a variety of products and services in the New York City area through our multiple locations, including:
● Custom Frames
● Stretchers
● Canvases
● Onsite Canvas Stretching
● Art Fair Services
● Art Crating
● Storage Racks
● Printing & Mounting
● Art Delivery
● Art Installations

One of our expert installers on the job

Frames and Stretchers has been a favorite for countless Tribeca artists. In prioritizing the unique demands of every artwork, we are dedicated to serving our clients with anything that they might need in the presentation process, from stretching to framing to delivery, and so much more. We pride ourselves on being experts at what we do in the art industry. Check out our online customer reviews to see how our products and services helped artists.

On-site stretching 

Frames and Stretchers – Your Premiere Provider of Floater Frames For Canvas Paintings In Tribeca!

Frames and Stretchers has been a leader in the art industry for years, and we pride ourselves on being able to help anyone enhance their art through refined and considered presentation. Our expertise comes from our extensive experience in the industry.

Working with clients to complete their vision

Are you interested in giving your paintings that finessed elegance? If so, floater frames may be the right option for you, serviced right here in Tribeca, or any of our other locations. If you have any questions about our services, we’d love to talk to you about how we can help. Please call us at 347-705-0081 or Contact Us Here. We look forward to hearing from you!