New York City Canvas Stretching

New York City Canvas Stretching

Established in 2015, Frames and Stretchers was started with the simple desire to create well-made frames and well-done canvases for people or artist to exhibit their valuable artworks in. It wanted a wide range of choices, from metal to Plexiglas and wanted to procure any shape, size or medium possible. And we did. Frames and Stretchers have the best custom framing and canvas stretching services in New York City. If you can imagine it, Frames and Stretchers can make it come true!  


On-Site Canvas Stretching for a New York Collector

We want you to keep your beautiful artwork for a long time and moreover, to display it in the best way possible. That’s why we build 100% custom made stretchers. With our unique foldable and interlocking design, we are able to disassemble it and deliver it wherever you are, for an onsite installation or pick up at one of our 3 locations. If you need canvases we can make that made for you as well.

Canvas Stretching in Brooklyn

Onsite Art Canvas Stretching In New York City

We custom build your craftsman made stretcher in our Brooklyn Factory. Adding our unique foldable interlocking and keyed stretchers technique makes it easy to move it to any location and we can deliver your stretcher to your home/ gallery or office where we stretch your canvas to the perfect fit. Our professional team will carefully install the piece(s) and make sure it is safe in the surroundings and in the best location for the artwork not to get damaged.

On-site Framing And Installation In Manhattan

At Frames and Stretchers, we value our customers’ satisfaction over all else. This means that we want to provide the most convenient New York City Canvas Stretching services available. 

Stretching, Framing And Installation For A Gallery 

Our team will fly to any 48 states in the U.S. to stretch your valuable and delicate piece of art. We have already traveled all over the country to please our customers with our best on site services, accommodating delivery, stretching and installation to your situation. Our foldable interlocking and keyed stretchers makes it easy to transport and ship worldwide and a strength to avoid any damages to your works of art.

On-Site Canvas Stretching in Vail, CO

Foldable Interlocking Stretchers

At Frames and Stretchers, we have a reputation as the best New York City Canvas Stretching company in the city. As artists ourselves, we truly believe that a masterpiece like your artwork deserves a structure worthy of its creation. Even more, we take as much pride in our work as you do in yours. Therefore, we use some of the highest-quality foldable interlocking stretchers to stretch your artwork. So, let us help start you off with a secure, indestructible foldable interlocking stretcher. 

Foldable Interlocking Stretcher for On-Site Stretching and Installation 

When building a sizable stretcher in New York, we will attach on each side of the bars a foldable piece of metal. This one will allow us later down the road to carefully and gently bend your stretched canvas. To avoid the artwork to get damaged against itself and to keep a natural fold in the fabric, we will always use a tube in the center, lifting the piece up.. It gives us easier transportation and/or storage. This technique is specific to Frames and Stretchers which they have mastered and has allowed them to adapt to any situation.

Canvas Stretching By Our Expert Team in New York

Of course, similar to our frames, our foldable interlocking stretchers are customized to your needs, and all of our stretchers from our New York City Canvas Stretching are available for delivery, with the possibility of assembling on site. 

We Can Build Any Shape Stretchers For Canvas

Keyed Stretchers

As the best New York City Canvas Stretching company in the industry, we want to be able to adapt to any situation and have a solution for everything. Often the pressure on the canvases will tend to change because of temperature or simply time causing the fabric to get loose. Frames and Stretchers put together Keyed stretcher bar which allows you to adapt the size of the stretcher without having to take off the canvas. We will simply use the keys positioned in the angle of the stretcher to apply pressure and separate the bars to the distance needed to once again have a perfect fit.  By this, we assure you that we won’t sacrifice any of the inspirational craftsmanship or quality when we perform New York City canvas stretching services, on site or in shop.


Fully Keyed Interlocking Stretchers for Canvas in New York

We are able to act fast thanks to New York City canvas stretching company’s locations in the center of New York, New Haven, CT and Wynwood, Miami, where we complete all of our canvas stretchers for stretching services. 

View Of Our Stretchers Factory In Manhattan, NY

Proper canvas stretching is vital to appropriately display fine artworks and prints on canvas. We will make sure that our keyed or foldable interlocking stretchers are always applying the perfect pressure and stay firm for a long time.

Over Sized Interlocking Stretcher In Our Factory In New York

Primed Cotton Canvas and Belgian Linen

Another thing that makes Frames and Stretchers the best New York City canvas stretching company are the many different services we provide. Beyond our mastered framing and stretching we offer to order your ideal canvases. Imported from the best in India and Belgian, they will be handpicked and hand primed by our framing and stretching in-house master. We offer the best Linen, Cotton or Muslin canvases with the hand primed options of Lacaux Gesso, Black Gesso or Alkyd, and many others. 

Art-Canvas-Stretching-NYC (2)Art-Canvas-Stretching-NYC
Hand Primed Belgian Linens And Cotton Canvas

Your ideal canvas can be delivered to you or picked up in the Lower East Side, Tribeca or Gowanus. With only a few steps to know about your preferences before starting like a the desired size or type of lining, you will also get the choice of the canvas to be primed or not. Once we deliver the canvas, the rest of the creative process begins with you. 

Large Primed Canvas Stretched On-Site In Manhattan, NY 

New York City Canvas Stretching One-Stop-Shop – Frames And Stretchers

Frames and Stretchers is a full-service print, photo, framing and New York City canvas stretching shop with 3 locations: the Lower East Side, New Haven, CT and Wynwood, Miami. We have worked with hundreds of artists, collectors and galleries. This has given us the possibility to expand our services to many different aspects of art handling,  providing the best quality and care in the business. Each location has for you a highly professional and experienced staff, valuing every job with careful attention, ready to work through any obstacles they may encounter. 

Art-Canvas-Stretching-New-York-City  Our Wood Master, Fausto Building Interlocking Stretchers In New York

Understanding the emotional and personal connections that artists have with their artworks, we know how important it is to get every little detail absolutely right. Therefore, we will make sure to match all of the specific specifications and colors exactly and go beyond your expectations. 

Canvas-stretchers-for-paintings-in-New York
Massive 54' x 8' Stretcher Assembled On-Site in New York

Even more, as the best New York City canvas stretching company, the main services we provide customers include art and photo framing, printing and mounting. We also offer custom build art crating, and storage racks to keep you artwork protected in the best manner. With our professional team of highly trained designers and educated artists, Frames and Stretchers will provide you with New York City’s best canvas stretching services.

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