Plexiglass Picture Frames

Customized Picture Framing NYC: Plexiglass Picture Frames

Custom made plexiglass frame with graphic details for this original silkscreen


Here at our studios at Frames and Stretchers we are committed to providing the finest custom made picture frames in New York City. Our established reputation with decades servicing New York’s galleries, museums, artists and collectors all comes down to providing the best care and conservation for your artwork. With an extensive collection of fine and exotic woods, to metal, gilded, acrylic, and steel welded frames, we are proud to offer the finest materials available with quality craftmanship you can trust, built right here locally in New York City.

Elton John Photograph framed by our team
with plexiglass and a pop of color


From the first moment of working with us our team of framing experts will welcome you to our locations in Lower East Side, New haven and Miami, where we will be happy to review your artwork and picture framing needs. Through virtual or in-person consultations, we can determine recommendations for picture framing solutions tailored specifically to your artwork’s colors, esthetics, and any picture framing results you may be seeking.

Details of Clear Plexiglass Frame for Takashi Murakami Original Artwork


For a refined and contemporary picture framing look that combines innovation and sleek design, we are pleased to offer a suite of beautifully crafted plexiglass picture frames. Available in 46 vivid colors, with crystal (fully clear) or sea (matted frost) finishing.

Custom Made Matted Frost Picture Frame

These handcrafted plexiglass frames are made with 100% acrylic plexiglass, and can be built up to a one-inch thickness, with any custom shapes for picture framing available. We are proud to use 100% Archival Materials and UV-Protective Glazing to ensure the colors and quality of your artwork will be protected for years to come.

Every detail matters: we measure down to 1/32 of an inch to ensure each piece will be perfectly fitted to your picture frame

At Frames and Stretchers we make all of our custom frames in-house at our picture framing studios in New York where your completed projects can be ready for pickup, delivery, or shipping anywhere in the US or internationally.


Looking for a truly one of a kind plexiglass frame? Any of our custom picture frames can be custom built to feature straight edge, rounded corners, concave or convex accents and more. Combine colors for a stunning inlay or graphic pattern that will complement and highlight your artwork while leaving a lasting impression. Choose from a traditional frame or a floater frame, which can be ordered in any width, shape and palette.

One Of A Kind Custom Picture Frames: Built Exactly To Your Artwork's Specifications and Framing Goals

With our exquisite variety of customization options available, our talented team of artisans and framing experts will be happy to compare samples with you to find what will suit your artwork and your picture framing goals best. From the very beginning of the project to delivering outstanding results, your artwork will be in trusted hands with our best picture framing team in New York City.

Whether you are looking to have a project canvas-stretched or framed, we are happy to work with transforming any kind of artwork into a standout piece for your home or collection. We provide the best custom picture frames in NYC, because our framing experts work one-on-one with you to design each framing element, ensuring you will completely satisfied and even wowed with the final results. Check out our 5 star business reviews to see how we prioritize our customers needs first while delivering the best fine art framing and canvas stretching in NYC.



Custom Picture Framing, Stretching and Additional Services

Custom Made Plexiglass Picture Frame for Keith Haring Poster

We understand how important your artwork’s value is and believe every piece can be protected and beautified with the right framing solutions. While we look forward to providing you with the best picture frames in New York City, and some additional services we offer include:

  • Giclee Canvas Printing
  • Acrylic Face Mounting
  • Aluminum Mounting
  • Matting
  • Canvas Stretching
  • Shadow Boxes
  • Art Restoration
  • Custom Art Storage Racks
  • Floater Frames
  • Blank Canvases
  • Hand-Carved
  • Hand-Painted
  • Conservation Framing
  • Art Crating


In Need of Delivery or On-Site Installation For Your Artwork?

Our Art Delivery Van is at your service for any art transportation needs 

Frames and Stretchers in NYC has got you covered for all your delivery and art installation needs. We are experienced with professionally shipping artwork across the US and internationally and are more than happy to solve your artwork moving needs by creating custom-fitted art crates built for the safest and securest transportation of your artwork.

On a deadline? No problem. Our professional art handlers and installation experts have partnered with hundreds of art fairs and events to offer the most trusted and reputable service for art installation, packing, shipping, and any of your art delivery needs.


Custom Interlocking Stretchers and Onsite Installation by Frames And Stretchers NYC


Our team and Art Delivery Van can deliver and install locally to the New York Tri-State Area while we can also ship artworks nationwide and internationally. By choosing to work with us and the best picture frames in New York City, we ensure you will end up with a project that is impeccably crafted and professionally handled at all times.

Our Professional Team of Art Handling and Framing Experts
Installing in Collector's Home

With Frames and Stretchers, there’s no need to fear about having your artwork arrive in anything less than the best condition. We provide the best industry-trusted shipping logistics for fine art in NYC and offer the most professional expertise with packing and preparing your artwork for travel, so you can enjoy your framed artwork and leave the rest to us!


Best Picture Frame Store In New York City — Frames and Stretchers

Turning a memory into a framed focal point of your home: Congratulations to our clients who wanted to have their New York Times Wedding Announcement framed with us!

Selecting one of the finest picture frames in New York City will make all of the difference for your artwork. At Frames and Stretchers, our experienced team of professionals will work one-on-one with clients to help you create an extraordinary framing finish exactly tailored for your piece. If you would like to give your artwork stunning conversation and beautiful picture framing, consider the expertise and trusted results at Frames and Stretchers.

Mint and Lilac Accents for a Plexiglass Custom Framed Original Artwork

Please visit one of our Lower East Side, New Haven or Miami locations to view all of the different picture frames and services we offer. It is our pleasure to offer personalized advice regarding which picture framing options will work best for you and your artwork!

Art Installation and Fine Art Framing
Delivered and Installed in Manhattan Home

Any additional questions about our picture frames in New York City? For more information, please feel free to call us today for a quote at 347-705-0081 / 718-207-1184 or you may Contact Us Here. We look forward to speaking with you about your projects!