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  Best Picture Frames In New York City


With artistic vision and professional advice, Frames and Stretchers help advise clients on which picture frames in New York City work best for both your personal preference and artwork. Making sure to remain within your desired budget, we help customers find the best picture frames in New York City.

Clients who use Frames and Stretchers’ art consulting expertise varies from individual artists to small startups to large businesses, as well as individual art collectors. Since the team at Frames and Stretchers have formed plentiful relationships around New York City’s art markets, they can introduce potential clients to a diverse range of fine artwork in various styles and mediums that would best fit within corporate or individual spaces.

We can assure you will find picture frames in New York City with which you will be more than satisfied. Our expert carpenters, art preparators and craftsmen have decades of experience under their belts to help you find the perfect picture frames in New York City.

Since its origination, Frames and Stretchers has built a reputation based on exceptional customer service and high quality hand-crafted framing. Being proficient in canvas stretching and picture framing, our business has provided services to art collectors, painters and galleries.
After all, your artwork merits a structure worthy of its creativity and ingenuity. At Frames and Stretchers, we are artists who pride ourselves on your artwork as much as our own—satisfaction guaranteed.
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Where to Find High-End Picture Frames in NYC

With sufficient personal and professional relationships throughout the Lower East Side, Frames and Stretchers functions as a small, but distinctive art business that attempts to create local jobs while offering the highest-quality picture frames in New York City and beyond.

Let's say you find a piece that you absolutely adore but is way too big to fit through your doors. And trust us, this happens more often than you'd think. In this case, we are more than happy to send over our experienced frames and stretchers team to assist you with onsite stretching.

Additionally, our team can travel anywhere in the country to help stretch intricate and precious pieces of art.

Even more, our team will also come to your art gallery, business or house to evaluate your piece and discuss the proper custom framing options before bringing your artwork to our store. We want to make sure we create something that perfectly adheres to your needs.


What Do I Need Picture Frames In New York City For?

A frame can significantly make or break a work of art. The right frame, however, makes your piece of art come to life. Frames and Stretchers’ team has decades of experience providing museum quality picture frames and framing consultations. Framing your artwork with the best picture frames in New York City is imperative to preserve it.

If your piece is one of a kind, limited edition, or valuable to you in any way, you should want to keep it safe and protected for as long as possible. With Frames and Stretchers’ UV protected and museum acrylic plexiglass, you can prevent your piece from getting scratched or damaged.

We are professional experts at what we do. Therefore, we know that there are many ways to frame and display works of art. Frames and Stretchers offers four types of glazing options that all have 99% UV protection to protect against sun damage. Without this high level of UV protection, your framed artwork will age and fade quicker.

Even more, the sun rays will cause severe color loss and in general, deteriorate your piece. Thus, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality pictures frames in New York City for our clients by offering museum quality UV protected glass options. We offer these different glass and plexiglass options to ensure your art isn't damaged by things like dust, bugs, dirt, sunlight or unacceptable handling and care.

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How Do We Create The Best Picture Frames In New York City?

The entire framing process starts with you, wishing to protect your art. Proper care and storage is essential for this preservation process. It’s important to not keep your artwork locked away for years on end. After all, an attic will not admire fine art as much as you do. So, you might as well frame your piece and let you and your guests enjoy it.

Next, since all of our frames are personally custom-built to fit your design specs, our dedicated, professional framing staff helps ensure you have the proper sizes, styles and designs to fit your immaculate piece.

Once you have selected your preferred matting, frame style and glazing for your artwork, our skilled framers get busy crafting your vision. Paying close attention to detail, this process can take up to 2-3 weeks. This allows extra time for special materials to arrive and to ensure you receive museum quality picture frames in New York City.

Finally, we frame the artwork and carefully store it until you're ready to receive your finished piece. Customers can choose to either pick it up themselves or have our team deliver and install it right to your apartment. Frames and Stretchers expert team can also offer advice for how to display each specific framed piece.

Customized Picture Framing NYC

Our staff is highly trained to handle your artwork with the utmost respect. Carefully crafting the finest frame that is just right for your artwork, our framers touches will bring your piece to new heights. We specialized in everything from blank canvases, floater frames, shadow boxes, hand-crafted, hand-painted or steel frames, and more.

Even more, we offer tons of wood and metal options, available in any shape and size to accommodate all client’s custom framing needs and budget. With hundreds of different frame moldings, finishes and colors, our impeccable team of some of the finest craftsmen can get the job done no matter how complicated or unique.

We have been providing custom framing services for decades and know just what it takes to transform your artwork into a masterpiece. Other than offering the best picture frames in New York City, some of the services we offer include:

- Acrylic Face Mounting
- Aluminum Mounting
- Matting
- Canvas Stretching
- Shadow Boxes
- Art Restoration
- Custom Art Storage Racks
- Floater Frames
- Blank Canvases
- Steel Frames
- Plexi Frames
- Hand-Carved Frames
- Gilded Frames
- Hand-Painted Frames
- Conservation Framing
- Giclee Canvas Printing
- Art Crating

Best Picture Frame Store In New York City — Frames and Stretchers

Choosing one of the finest picture frames in New York City will make all of the difference for your artwork. At Frames and Stretchers, we have a team of experienced professionals committed to helping you create an extraordinary framing solution. So, if you’re thinking about showing off your art or preserving your memories, consider Frames and Stretchers.
We deliver to the New York Tri-State Area but also ship nationwide. With some of the best picture frames in New York City, we can ensure you will end up with a project that is impeccably crafted. 



Visit one of our Lower East Side, Gowanus/Red Hook or TriBeCa locations to see all of the different picture frames in New York City we offer. Get personalized advice regarding which framing solution will work best for you and your artwork!

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