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Beautiful piece framed and installed in New York

Our Art Delivery and Installation company secures your artwork with a level of professionalism unrivaled by our speed and efficiency. Our professional art installation company in New York City has been accommodating the fine arts industry offering high-quality art delivery and installation for many years. 

You’ll have access to our well-trained art installers, knowledgeable drivers and all of our other art installation company New York City services. They will individually manage your art relocation from the pack-up to the installation itself.

Our trusted Art Delivery Van in New York

We arrange a fast and accurate delivery to one location, multiple locations or even for gallery hangings. Feel free to also use our help for your easy door-to-door moves. There’s no task we can’t handle! 

Your art will arrive on schedule and ready for installation by the installers with all the necessary tools and materials to get the job done. Our art installation company based in New York City helps customers deliver art to their apartment and homes, galleries, retail locations and corporate offices.

Whether intalling framed works or sculpture, inside or outside, we have you covered

How Do Art Delivery and Installation Services Work? - Art Installation Company New York City
    • We use white glove delivery and installation to ensure an easy and safe service to get your fine art delivered the way you intended
    • Curbside delivery is offered starting at $80 (tax not included)
    • Door-to-door delivery is offered starting at $160 (tax not included)
    • Your art is delivered in a fully insured, high roof van (72” high x 167” long x 52” wide) to provide maximum room for the artwork
    • All options are flat rate and available to all of the Manhattan area and some parts of Brooklyn and LIC  
Framed and installaed this iconic painting by KAWS

*Please bear in mind that our flat rate prices include up to 5 artworks, max dimension 48″ x 48″ and a max weight of 20lbs per artwork. Additional artworks, larger artworks, and deliveries to art fairs and special events are all subject to additional charges of up to $20 each. Flat rate and simple delivery services are available Monday through Friday.

Please measure your work to make sure it will fit in our delivery van!

We advise you measure your artwork before pick-up ensure that it will fit both our delivery van and the entry to your destination. If your delivery destination is inaccessible, you may be subject to additional charges.  

Framed and installed these works by world renowed artist Kim Dong Yoo

What Are Art Delivery Services? - Art Installation Company New York City

Whether you are moving into a new home, updating your current setup, or preparing for a show, our Art Installation services of New York City can cater to your specific needs. We all know the wonderful feeling of being greeted by a work of art upon entering a space, domestic or professional, and that greeting is made all the more poignant when handled and installed properly.

professional-art-installation-services-in-nycWe consider the specific harmony of a space in every job we take on

With our professional Art Installation company in New York City, you will be assured that your beloved and valuable work of art won’t end up on the floor (unless, of course, that’s where you want it to be installed!).  

While our company boasts the most cost-efficient delivery services in New York City, this is never at the expense of quality. Handling your valued artworks is our top priority, and we are able to keep rates to a minimum because we have years of experience that have refined our ability to work as effectively and efficiently as possible. With an eye for installation, our handlers can assist in helping you figure out the perfect place to house your work of art, in just the perfect way. 


We can fly anywhere in the states to install for you. This installation was in Vail, CO

Our art delivery New York City team will help you display your valuable signed artworks, precious family photos, and designed mirrors to its utmost capacity. We begin by looking at your pictures, discussing your priorities, then taking note of all possible placement locations in your home, gallery or office.

Together, our mission is to find the perfect placements to not only showcase your beautiful art, but enhance its surrounding environment. 

Installation of an Alex Katz piece

What Are The Benefits Of A Professional Art Installation Company New York City Service?

Art Delivery New York City hosts a staff of experienced professionals who have the skill to achieve a magnificent harmony between art and space, stretching the imagination to consider different combinations of arrangements that an untrained eye may not consider. 

When configuring the layout of your space, we are mindful of symmetry and common rules of thumb, but we don’t rely on it. Sometimes looking outside the box, quite literally, can make your space all the more eye-catching and evocative.
Some abide by the old carpenter’s saying,  “measure twice, cut once,” but even this overwrites the stressful and more complicated process of imagining, marking, and measuring where your artwork should go.  

We measure and remeasure to ensure the highest-quality installation

Instead, you can leave it up to our art installation team in New York City to hang it for you, while you take in the new feeling of your room once it’s complete. We meticulously inspect every inch of its future home on your wall, so that we can hang confidently and correctly.

We prep with every step to help arrange your artwork, decor or statues. Our staff is prepared to help with all of your wall mounting and decorative needs. There’s great pride in providing a unique, personal touch to every hanging project we take on. 

art-installation-company-nyc-damien-hirstDamien Hirst framed and delivered by our team

Frames and Stretchers was founded by Miguel Trelles and Erick Sanchez, who, as artists themselves, realized the importance of having such instrumental services available to artists and patrons alike. With the irreplaceable sensibility of an artist’s eye, Frames and Stretchers delivers the highest quality, comprehensive framing and handling services, all at an affordable rate. 

While remaining artists in their hearts, Miguel and Erick have carved out a passionate pursuit for all the steps following a work’s completion, and a fervid appreciation for well-displayed works of art, all of which can be seen in every project they undertake. 
Founder Erick, on-site for an installation job

Why Choose Art Delivery Van For Your Art Installation Company New York City?

Our art installation company New York City will pick up your work, right from your doorstep. We work with art galleries, homes and businesses to consider your needs, so that we can create the perfect plan to meet them. 

Our team includes some of the most experienced art installers in New York City to assist with your project. We carefully examine each piece to determine the safest way to deliver and protect its condition. You can trust us to carefully handle your special works from start to finish of the transportation, packing and shipping process.

Our white glove services ensure your art will be delivered and installed with care

All of the art installation services come with white glove art delivery, which is the best option for large works, pressure sensitive works, expensive prints, and other artworks that need a bit more than the average attention and care. 

We promise to deliver everything on time to its final destination, exactly how you expected it. Our years of expertise in installing artworks of all sizes and value in the New York City area makes us the best and most professional shipping and art installation company New York City around!

We work every installation job with an eye for perfection

Additional Services By Art Delivery Van - Art Installation Company New York City 

In addition to providing art delivery services, Art Delivery New York City can also make customized furniture to accommodate art spaces, studios, and galleries. From wooden drying and storage racks to desks and tables for work or for display, our team of carpenters can make, in addition to specialty frames, specialty furniture. We also offer services in stretching, mounting, and booth installations, all of which can be customized to your needs.

We offer on-site stretching to suit the needs and scale of your delivery

Art Delivery New York City has helped artists and collectors for many years, providing consistently excellent service unmatched in the New York City area. Our team strives to be the best in everything we do and every job we take on. 

We bring an invaluable knowledge of the art industry that helps us to be the best at what we do. Take a look at our customer testimonials and our online portfolio--we promise satisfaction at every step along the way!

We also offer custom framing services!
Art Delivery Van – the Best Art Delivery and Installation Service New York City Available!

Our art installation company New York City is working everyday to provide art delivery solutions to collectors all around the New York City area. We have 3 locations including Brooklyn and NYC, New York. We strive to be the best in the fine arts industry!

If you have any questions about our delivery services, framing and stretching or other art solutions, please give us a call today at 347-705-0081 or Contact Us Here.  We look forward to hearing from you!