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The Best Art Fair Services In New York City 

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Art fairs are more popular than ever before, becoming central arenas for the discovery and distribution of an artist’s work. Art fairs are wonderful opportunities for people to see and experience a diverse range of art, all featured conveniently at one event. 

A medley of some of our art fair installations

Art fairs are instrumental in providing opportunities for the viewing and selling of art, and the distribution and exchange of ideas. In short, they’re helpful to identify the sources and demand for support in the art world. For artists, fairs can function as critical opportunities for their work to be seen, increasing their presence and business. And, in an age that is only becoming increasingly digitized, fairs provide an irreplaceable  and tangible opportunity for curators, collectors, and artists to network and sell pieces in person. 

Art installation at Art Miami Art Fair

Whether you are a gallerist, an artist, or otherwise a lover of contemporary art, art fairs are an exceptional way to show a plethora of work to an equally varied audience. Practical and efficient, fairs bring gallerists to artists and artists to collectors; they give purpose to the time and place of art-viewing.

Working to ensure the finest quality art installation at Scope Art Fair Miami

At Frames and Stretchers in New York City, our art fair services are designed to make sure that your art fair runs as smoothly as possible. With our expert team, we offer a variety of services and products that will ensure success at your next art fair.

Why Participate In An Art Fair?

Whether you’re an artist or a gallerist, art fairs are wonderful opportunities for business. There are a number of reasons one might participate in an art fair, and further enlist our services:

Booth installation for Onishi Gallery
  • Sales – Sales are obviously essential to the livelihood of artists and galleries alike. Art fair services are the perfect way to showcase all of the wonderful work that you or your gallery features to a huge number of potential customers in a short amount of time. 
  • Visibility – Art fairs can increase the presence and visibility of any artist or art gallery. By hosting a marvelous event using our art fair services, you bring your art to new audiences that might not be familiar with your work otherwise.

Give your work the installation it deserves with our professional services
  • Reputation – Hosting or being featured at an art fair without the proper planning can be a disaster. There are so many logistical elements to be considered, which is why it is so helpful to enlist our art fair services to make sure everything runs smoothly to boost your image and reputation in the public eye. Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned fair participant, our services ensure the utmost professionalism for your product.  
    Leave the installation to us! Art Installation at Toth Fine Art in New York

    Who Might Visit An Art Fair?

    With more art fairs occuring now than ever before, they are a great place for people to appreciate the beauty and culture that incredible artwork can provide. Potential visitors to an art fair include: 

    • Art Critics–Art critics are incredibly influential in the art industry, as they evaluate and analyze artwork to inform the public. Their role, ostensibly, is to publically articulate a response to a work of art whose presence, more often than not, is relevant to any current moment. If an art critic posts a great review of your work from an art fair, this attention is practically guaranteed to increase business and presence in the art world.
    • Art Collectors–Art collectors are arguably one of the most important audience demographics at any art fair, because unlike critics, curators, or artists, collectors are explicitly interested in purchasing art. Art fairs offer the convenience of bringing the art to the collectors (as opposed to seeking out individual artists in through their studios) and in attending an intriguing art fair, they could be interested in purchasing featured works of art.
      Installing a work by Kaws for a private collection 
      • Art Curators–Art curators are often responsible for acquiring and seeking out artworks for other locations, like museums or galleries. Art fairs give curators a great way to see a large number of pieces under one roof at one event, network with other gallerists, and meet artists, all of which are extremely valuable to them.
      • Museum Directors–Museum directors operate similarly to art curators, as they search for exhibits that they are interested in showing, which unlike with collectors, may or may not be bought. However the resource that museums can provide can make for exciting and unique opportunities for any artwork, artist, or gallery. If, for instance, a museum director visits an exceptional art fair, they might be interested in displaying the exhibit at their museum, which is very lucrative.
      • Art Enthusiasts–Art enthusiasts simply love to experience art. Although they are not always looking to purchase artwork, they are definitely looking to have an incredible experience, so impressing them with art fair services can get them talking to their friends about how great your art or gallery is.


        A walk through one of our booth installations

        Just from this list alone, it’s easy to understand the tremendous opportunity art fairs provide for artists and galleries alike. With such an influential audience, there is tremendous opportunity to impact the success of any work, making it even that much more important to display your art to its utmost potential. At Frames and Stretchers in New York City, you can be assured to make the most of any fair opportunity through our art fair services.


        What Do Our Art Fair Services In New York City Include?

        At Frames and Stretchers, our team of experienced art professionals will be onsite to help you execute any kind of art fair service. We offer the following services for art fairs:

        • Booth Installation– Frames and Stretchers can install your booth to make sure that your artwork is displayed and presented in the perfect way according to your artistic vision.
          An in-progress booth installation
          • Emergency Framing Repair – Accidents happen, especially when pressure is high. If something happens to your frame last minute, do not worry: we can be there to fix the problem right on the spot!
          • Delivery To Art Fair Venue– Delivering artwork can be risky and dangerous if it is not done properly, so let us take excellent care of your artwork throughout its travel to ensure your pieces arrive perfectly intact.
            Art delivery service in New York and Miani
            • Crating & Storing Artwork– Crating and storing artwork is important to our art fair services because we will make sure your artwork is stored with proper protection with structurally sound support.



            Crates made to order for shipping or storage

            • Canvas Stretching– At Frames and Stretchers, we have years of experience stretching canvas. Our experts are ready to prepare any type of artwork for hanging or framing on the spot.
              On-site canvas stretching


              • Purchasing Assistance For Art Collectors– If an art collector is interested in purchasing your artwork, they will need some additional help and services. Since their purchase is one of the most crucial elements for your success, we will assist to help make sure the purchase process runs smoothly. 
                  Checking and double checking all the details of art installation in New York
                  • Custom Framing – We also offer art fair services of custom framing, as needed. We are dedicated to making sure that your artwork is displayed in the perfect way, and sometimes this requires customized frames!
                  • Wrapping, & Protection – Skillful wrapping and protection ensures that nothing could possibly damage or alter your beautiful artwork. Our team of experts will take every caution to make sure that your pieces are wrapped in a way that will protect them from any possible damage.

                  Wrapping art work with the utmost security at The Other Art Fair by Saatchi

                  • Shipping Worldwide– At Frames and Stretchers, never feel your destination is limited by geography. Being able to ship internationally, we can fulfill the most precious of art deliveries, even if your destination is abroad. 

                  Frames and Stretchers wants to make certain that your event leaves each guest enjoys and is impressed with our art fair services at your gallery. Our goal is to present your artwork according to your vision in the most professional and beautiful way possible.

                   Art fair booth installed with precision in New York

                   Frames and Stretchers – The Best Art Fair Services

                  Whether you are looking for art fair services in New York City or art fair services in Miami, our team at Frames and Stretchers will gladly make your vision into a successful reality. 

                  In-progress booth installation

                  We love to help artists and galleries achieve success through our extensive art fair services. Frames and Stretchers has been successful in the art industry for years, and our experts take pride in enhancing artists’ work through unmatched display and presentation.


                  Expert booth installation at the art fair in New York

                  Are you considering having your artwork displayed at an art gallery and are in need of art fair services? Feel free fair in New York to reach out to us so that we can tell you how our services will ensure that your presentation at an art fair runs as smoothly as possible. 

                  Please call us at 347-705-0081 or Contact Us Here. We look forward to hearing from you!