Welded Steel Picture Frames

Customized Picture Framing NYC: Welded Steel Frames


A stunning custom steel frame made by our team 
at Frames and Stretchers NYC
Original Artwork by Alexis Diaz

At Frames and Stretchers in New York City, all of our designs are custom made and tailored to your artwork’s specifications. With our team of highly skilled framing experts, we have decades of experience and a notable established industry presence in NYC. Our reputation and commitment to the best picture framing results and customer satisfaction all begins with the utmost care and respect for your artwork.

We work one-on-one with artists, collectors, galleries and museums to offer the highest quality collection of framing options and materials available. Browse through our selection of textured and specialty joined wood, to illuminated ligthboxes and plexiglass, and you may find the industrial look of welded steel and metal picture frames stands out to you, for the essential ways it can add a stunning and contemporary finish to any artwork.

Metal Picture Frame Finishes


Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Picture Frames Ready For Mounting Artwork

Want to match, compliment or offset certain tones in your artwork? Our staff would be happy to consult with you and find the best metal picture framing solutions for your style, preferences, and budget.

Our customized picture framing stores in NYC can accommodate any metal picture frame finish with stunning clarity and craftmanship. Our welding and framing experts deliver seamless results with a wide variety of customizations available. Looking for something rustic or a sleek and contemporary statement? Or how about an exposed look with bolts and custom rivets? No matter what your heart desires, our welded steel picture frames have a refined presence and can be custom-finished to achieve a brushed metal, mirror polished, or a one-of-a-kind textured finish.


Welded Steel Floater Frame With A Custom Colored Inlay
Created in Our Lower East Side Studio 

By Frames And Stretchers NYC

Thinking welded steel frames and metal picture frames only come in shades of gray? At Frames and Stretchers NYC we even carry a beautiful suite of colored metallic frames, using a special acid-treated technique, that develops the metal like a photograph to achieve beautiful and absolutely unique effects. 

Additionally, we can install your artwork in a floater frame, shadowbox frame, and more; we can seal your artwork with museum grade UV protective glass for the ultimate assurance of keeping your artwork’s colors and details vibrant and safe for years to come.

Our Fine Art Installation Team Mounting This Welded Steel Floater Frame
Directly In Our Client's Home

Examples of Metal Picture Frame Finishes We Offer:


  • Bronze
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Gilded
  • Mirror Polished
  • Brushed Metal
  • Acid-Treated/Tinted
  • Custom Riveted


Custom Rivets can be added to any of our Welded Steel Picture Frames


How Do We Create The Best Metal Frames and Custom Picture Frames in New York City?

Our Team Creates A Beautiful Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Frame
For A Tom Wesselmann Artwork

We make all of our frames in-house in our studios in Lower East Side, Brooklyn and Miami. Our collection of welded steel, metal frames, and more can be fully customized to any size or shape that will be sure to beautifully accentuate, protect and extend the longevity of your artwork.

Our fully equipped framing studios use the highest quality technology, machinery, and hand-carving tools to ensure impeccable results and framing and stretching support for you artwork that will uphold the test of time with beautiful finishing.


Custom Welded Steel Frames Can Be Customized To Any Size or Shape:
Circle, Hexagon, Oval, Or Anything You Can Imagine!

We understand the trust you instill to have your memories and your artwork framed, and we deliver on the best professional picture framing in New York City. From the first moment we receive your artwork for framing, to the final results of showing you the finished piece, we treat every artwork with the highest priority, conservation and care. There is no job too big, too small, or too outrageous for us! Bring us your visions, dreams, and aspirations. We love special projects and customizing our framing and stretching services to suit exactly your desires, needs, and specifications.

At Frames and Stretchers in NYC, our welded steel picture frames and quality craftsmanship stands up to offer the best creative framing solutions with the highest industry standards and customer satisfaction guaranteed.


Matting Details Beautifully Offset This Industrial Welded Steel Frame
Made In-House At Frames And Stretchers NYC

Take an Inside Look at How Our Welded Steel Frames Are Made!

The best part of the framing journey is seeing new and loyal clients delighted with their welded steel and custom-made frames. We love hearing how you feature your artwork in your home, business, or collection, and to be a part of that transformation is our greatest honor.

In our Lower East Side Picture Framing Studio, our team at Frames and Stretchers NYC prepares this beautiful painting by Puerto Rican Artist Enoc Perez for framing.

Our team floats, mounts, and installs this work to the exact specifications of the artist.

Watch this video of how our custom welded steel floater frames are created!

Need Delivery or On-Site Installation For Your Artwork?

Frames and Stretchers in NYC has got you covered. We can ship artwork anywhere and create professional art crates custom-fitted for the safe and secure transportation of your artwork.

On a deadline? No problem. Our professional art handlers and installation experts have partnered with hundreds of art fairs and events to offer the most trusted and top notch service for art installation, packing, shipping, and art delivery needs.


On-Site Fine Art Installation by Frames And Stretchers New York City

Our Art Delivery Van can deliver locally to the New York Tri-State Area but we can also ship artworks nationwide and internationally. With the best picture frames in New York City, we ensure you will end up with a project that is impeccably crafted and professionally handled at all times. Don’t believe us? We have a large range of clients that can attest your admired piece will be handled with the greatest care. 

With Frames and Stretchers, there’s no need to fear about having your artwork arrive in anything less than the best condition. We provide the best industry-trusted shipping logistics for fine art in NYC and professional expertise with packing and preparing your artwork for travel, so you can enjoy your artwork and leave the rest to us!

Custom Picture Framing, Stretching and Additional Services


Custom Copper Frame For Derek Kaplan Original Artwork

We understand how valuable your artwork is and believe every piece can be enhanced and protected with the right framing solutions. Not only do we offer the best picture frames in New York City, but some additional services we offer include:

  • Giclee Canvas Printing
  • Acrylic Face Mounting
  • Aluminum Mounting
  • Matting
  • Canvas Stretching
  • Shadow Boxes
  • Art Restoration
  • Custom Art Storage Racks
  • Floater Frames
  • Blank Canvases
  • Hand-Carved
  • Hand-Painted
  • Conservation Framing
  • Art Crating


Come In And Visit Any Of Our Framing Store Locations To See More
Examples Of Custom Metal Framing Finishes

Best Picture Frame Store In New York City — Frames and Stretchers

A Finished Custom Welded Steel Floater Frame for Enoc Perez Painting

Choosing one of the finest picture frames in New York City will make all of the difference for your artwork. At Frames and Stretchers, we have a team of experienced professionals committed to helping you create an extraordinary framing finish. So, if you’re thinking about showcasing your art or preserving your memories, consider the expertise and trusted results at Frames and Stretchers.

Visit one of our Lower East Side, Gowanus/Red Hook or Miami locations to see all of the different picture frames we offer. It is our pleasure to offer personalized advice regarding which framing solution will work best for you and your artwork!

Do you have questions about our picture frames in New York City? For more information, please feel free to call us today for a quote at 347-705-0081 / 718-207-1184 or you may Contact Us Here. We are more than happy to help!