Best Art Storage Racks in New York City

Frames and Stretchers is now offering a new line of custom-made art storage racks that will organize and safeguard your valuable art. Our fine art storage racks in New York City will help you preserve and organize your art, including oil paintings, acrylic paintings, vintage and contemporary frames. These can be padded and are made by experts in the art industry who will customize your storage racks for almost any need or specification. Our New York City custom made art storage racks are one of the best ways to safeguard and protect your valuable artwork against damage.


We make the best custom art storage racks New York City has to offer! Art storage racks are very popular for all types of art enthusiasts and businesses, and are used among home art collectors, art galleries, and many different businesses that store art.

Whether you’re an art gallery, art collector, art dealer or art broker, space is always limited as with any business or home. Our art storage racks in NYC will save tons of valuable space, as well as making your art easily locatable and accessible, saving you both time and money.


What Are Fine Art Storage Racks?
Fine art storage racks will increase your storage capacity while preserving and protecting your valuable fine art collection. There are many different types of art storage options and art storage racks in New York City that are available to meet your needs, and Frames and Stretchers has the capabilities to make all of them!

There are so many different options when considering art storage racks for your gallery, business or home. Some are ceiling supported, while others have rails. We also make fixed racks that are designed exactly to your specifications and needs.


What Are The Benefits of Having Art Storage Racks New York City?

  • Save Space - Our custom made art storage racks in NYC will save you precious floor space so you can put more art work on display
  • Preserve Your Art Work - Art storage racks New York City will help preserve your valuable art and prevent it from being damaged
  • Customize Your Storage Solution - Art storage racks New York City can be customized to fit well into almost any space
  • Improve Organization - Art storage racks New York City will improve organization and make it easier to keep track of your valuable paintings and sculptures
  • Enhance Security - Custom Art storage racks NYC will provide secure storage and increase the security of your valuable collection

How Our Art Storage Racks in New York City Save Space?
Using our custom made art storage racks is a no brainer for any person or organization that has an art collection. Our custom made fine art storage racks NYC are made right here in the Brooklyn, and provide both organizational and preservation benefits while substantially increasing your art storage capacity.

Frames and Stretchers has provided fine art storage racks of many different shapes and sizes for numerous art galleries and museums, and our art storage systems will not leave you disappointed. You will instantly be more organized and save significant space using our custom made art racks in New York City that will be made quickly and professionally.

Why Choose Frames and Stretchers For Your Art Storage Racks New York City?

  • Frames and Stretchers will come to your art gallery, home or business to evaluate your needs to ensure we craft something that’s perfect to meet them
  • We have some of the best master craftsmen in New York City to create your fine art storage racks
  • All of our NYC art storage racks are custom made right here in our Brooklyn location

Our carpenters, art handlers and craftsmen have decades of combined experience creating art storage systems that will save you space, time and money. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Our custom made wood pedestals, (Photo courtesy of ABXY Gallery, NYC)

Additional Custom Made Items By Frames and Stretchers
In addition to fine art storage racks, Frames and Stretchers also custom-makes wood racks for storage of all types of items, desks, and working tables for art galleries and art studios. In addition to these items, we also specialize in:

  • Museum Quality Custom Art Frames
  • Interlocking Stretchers and Hand primed Canvasses
  • Art Delivery and Installation
  • Onsite Canvas Stretching Services
  • Custom Printing and Mounting Services

Frames and Stretchers has been in business for many years, and provides a level of service and quality that are among the best in New York. We take pride in everything we do and everything we make, and our unsurpassed knowledge of the art industry makes us the very best at what we do. As seen in our website images, you will be impressed with the quality of our work before, during and after your shopping experience.


Frames and Stretchers – Your Premiere Provider for Customized Art Storage Racks in New York City!
We create art storage solutions every day, and are the very best in the business. Frames and Stretchers also has 3 convenient locations in the New York City area – 2 in New York, NY and another location in Brooklyn.

Do you have questions about any of our art-related products or services? Please call us today for a quote at 347-705-0081 or you may Contact Us Here. We look forward to hearing from you soon!