Onsite Stretching

We Can Make It Fit! 

Oversized interlocking stretcher for canvas onsite assembly

54 feet x 8 feet stretcher assembled and stretched onsite

Sometimes, you fall in love with an artwork that is larger (or way larger) than your building elevator or apartment door. The frames and stretchers team is available to help you with onsite stretching. We build the stretcher bars in our Brooklyn factory, disassemble them, then come to your location to reassemble and stretch your artwork. It’s that simple!

 Artwork by master Jose Bedia that was stretch onsite in Colorado
 Our team was flew in to Vail, CO to stretch this masterpiece

Our team will fly anywhere in the country to a collector’s home to stretch delicate and valuable artworks. Our interlocking stretchers are collapsible and can be easily transported or shipped worldwide. 

  Our Art Handlers Stretching and framing onsite in Manhattan
Onsite Stretching and Framing with a Floater Frame