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Located on Smith st in Gowanus, our Brooklyn shop is home to the best quality in Frames and Stretchers. We offer our one of a kind interlocking and keyed stretchers, custom handcrafted frames and we also accommodate with shipping crates and storage racks. We are excited about being able to give our neighbors and artist community our best services, including delivery and on site installation.

Picture Frame in Gowanus Brooklyn for Shepard Fairey

Frames and Stretchers provides some of the very best picture frames and Stretchers in Brooklyn. Both 100% custom made by professionals to suit every need in shape, size or medium. Whether you’re an artist, art gallery, collector, or business, we take the utmost pride in our work and strive to ensure every customer we have is ecstatic about our quality and our team.


Oval Floater Frames for Canvas Made in Brooklyn, NY

Our master craftsmen will create almost any custom frame and stretcher design that you wish for, using our various materials of choice. We create high-quality custom Frames that can elevate an artwork at its best and unique foldable and interlocking design Stretchers that will be adaptable to any obstacles, allowing us for easy delivery and onsite stretching plus installation. 


Over-Sized Custom Made Interlocking Stretcher bars 

Frames and Stretchers has a unique expertise when it comes to fine art picture frames and stretchers and we can assure you that you will find some of the best of both in Brooklyn or our other locations in New York City and Miami. The Frames and Stretchers Team have established great working relationships with galleries, collectors and artists all over the city, and can help you create a custom picture frame and stretcher that properly accompanies the excellent quality of their work.

Hand-Crafted Circular Stretcher Bars from Brooklyn

The Benefits Of A Great Picture Frame Or A Great Stretcher

At Frames and Stretchers, we know firsthand all of the benefits that having a great picture frame and well built stretchers have to offer, that are important for the aesthetics, but mostly for a good conservation of the work.

Hand Crafted Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Frame

Protection An archival picture frame will protect your valuable image or piece of art from dust, liquids, scratches, and UV Rays. It will help secure your artwork so it is around for a very long time in the same great condition it was in when you purchased it. A well built stretcher will always have the right size and shape with the grip to keep you canvas perfectly tight.

    Picture Frame with UV Optium Museum Plexi for KAWS

    Aesthetics The excellency of a piece of artwork truly comes out when accompanied by an outstanding quality picture frame. The beauty of the frame should complement the beauty of the piece of artwork. Our Brooklyn framing shop offers many possibilities to fit any style you bring in and desires you have for a canvas or a framed artwork.

      Plexi Matboards for Picture Frames Exclusively at Frames and Stretchers

      Customization We can customize any frame to a particular shape / size / finish to enhance your artwork. We also carry different textures and colors for matting, which also has a big impact on the look of the piece after framing.  For our stretchers made in Gowanus, Brooklyn, we have a system that will allow us later down the road to carefully and gently bend your stretched canvas, avoiding the artwork to get damaged against itself and to keep a natural fold in the fabric. If the pressure in the canvases changes. Frames and Stretchers put together Keyed stretcher bar which allows you to adapt the size of the stretcher without having to take off the canvas. We will simply use the keys positioned in the angle of the stretcher to apply pressure and separate the bars to the distance needed to once again have a perfect fit.

        Hand Custom Steel Frame with Rivets for Jose Bedia Painting

        What To Look For When Purchasing Quality Picture Frames or Stretchers in Brooklyn

        At Frames and Stretchers, everything we do is meant to highlight the artwork’s colors, textures and feel as well as your own care for the piece itself. A high end, custom picture frame or stretcher can make all the difference in making your beautiful piece of artwork or photography stand out!  

        Custom Double Floater Frame for Jonas Wood Canvas

        Our experienced team is here to assist you in the selection and creation of the perfect custom picture frame or stretcher. Every member of our team have experience in art making them the best in advising you. You will notice our sharp attention to detail the moment you enter our picture frame store in Brooklyn. Proper canvas stretching is vital to appropriately display prints and art designs on fine canvases. We will make sure that our keyed or foldable interlocking stretchers are always applying the perfect pressure and stay there for a long time.

        On-Site Stretching for a 54 feet x 8 feet Canvas

        Custom framing options consist of high quality framing solutions as compared to generic frames that may not meet your needs in terms of quality or design. Customized framing provides unique frames with unique designs and details that are simply not available with generic frames. Our custom picture frames in Brooklyn can cater to almost every need, size and budget.

        Double Sided Picture Frame Made in Brooklyn 

        Whether you’re framing photographs, fine artwork, or canvas, our picture frame store in Brooklyn has a wide variety of custom solutions to meet pretty much any need or request you have.  Both our owners and expert craftsmen have been in the business for years, which is why our customers will attest to us offering the best canvas stretching picture frames in Brooklyn!

        Artwork Hinging with Japanese Paper and Rice Paste

        Some Of The Types Of Picture Frames In Brooklyn That We Provide

        Below is just a few of the different types frames that our picture frame store in Brooklyn provides:


        • Bronze Picture Frames
        • Cherry Picture Frames
        • Floater Picture Frames
        • Gilded Picture Frames
        • Gold Picture Frames
        • Maple Picture Frames
        • Metal Picture Frames
        • Modern Picture Frames
        • Walnut Picture Frames
        • Welded Picture Frames
        • White Gold Picture Frames
        • Wood Picture Frames

        All our Picture frames are Handcrafted in Brooklyn New York

        Why Choose Us For Your Customized Picture Frames or Stretchers In Brooklyn?

        We have some of the best craftsmen in the city, and will take the time and care to create a picture frame or a stretcher that will make your artwork shine.


          Frames and Stretchers offers a host of art services besides just picture frames in Brooklyn, NY.  We are a one stop shop for art services.

            Artwork Installation in Brooklyn

            All of our Brooklyn picture frames and Stretchers are made right here in the city.  We do not outsource to anyone and everything we make is made in-house, catered to your exact specifications.


              Stretched and Framed Paintings for Scope Miami

              Not in Brooklyn?  No problem! We have two other locations in the New York City Area – one in TriBeCa and one on the Lower East Side and one location in the heart of Wynwood, Miami.


                Frames and Stretchers offers art delivery and Installation services locally, nationally and internationally.  We can ship your newly framed photograph or piece of art anywhere in the world. We value our customers’ satisfaction over all else. This means that we want to provide the most convenient Brooklyn Canvas Stretching and Framing services available. 

                  Very Complex Art Installation at Art Miami in 2019

                  Frames and Stretchers – The Best Store For Custom, Elegant Picture Frames and Lasting Stretchers in Brooklyn!

                  Frames and Stretchers not only sells some of the best picture frames and Stretchers in Brooklyn, but we also offer a wide variety of very specific services surrounding the art industry.  Some of our team are even artists themselves, so we have a special understanding of everything we need to do large and small to meet your needs and requests.

                  Picture Frame for Canvas with LED

                  Visit one of our Gowanus/Red Hook, Lower East Side, TriBeCa locations to see all of the different picture frames in Brooklyn we offer. Get personalized advice regarding which framing solution will work best for you and your artwork!

                  Do you have questions about our picture frames in Brooklyn? For more information, please feel free to call us today for a quote at 347-705-0081 / 646-535-0787 or you may Contact Us Here. We are more than happy to help!


                  We Also Offer Fine Are Crating Services in Brooklyn

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