A Ten Year Walk Around London with Artist Fuller

Posted on August 25, 2017 by Alison Pierz

Fuller London Map ink drawing custom framingFuller's "London Town" framed in our studio

Frames and Stretchers recently completed framing a print of "London Town", an impressive drawing from UK based artist Gareth John Woods who's known professionally as Fuller. Fuller is renowned for his highly detailed renderings of cities, both real and imaginary. The collector brought this print from a signed edition to us. Because the work itself is printed on archival cotton board, it required a serious prime float treatment. The team used “pass-through” hinges to attach the artwork to another backing board. Pass-through hinges are made from mulberry paper, attached to the artwork with reversible, archival rice paste, and then pulled through the backing board to secure the art in place. The work was then encased in a black shadow box frame with conservation acrylic.

Artist Fuller London Map drawing custom framing corner detail shadowbox
Detail of the map with artist's signature and close-up of the shadow box frame

Fuller spends years working on his city maps which include several UK cities like London, Bristol and Purbeck as well as fantasy places like his made up city of Shòu. He is currently involved in a project based on Beijing, China. “London Town” took ten years (2005-2015) to complete and he has created a video on the project using ten chimes of the famous clock tower Big Ben to represent these years. He has also a produced a video of the project’s unveiling in the clock tower of Saint Pancras, London. Archival prints of “London Town” have been acquired by both The British Library and Museum of London.


Custom framing process black shadow box moulding strainer conservation acrylic glazingAntonio and Juan fitting the strainer inside the shadow box frame

It was exciting to have this work to frame on this side of the pond and we continue to build relationships with clients from as far away as Australia and California. We look forward to more artwork from international clients while we continue to serve our community right here on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. Please stop in for a visit to see what we do for yourself and how we can accommodate your own specific framing needs.


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