Portraits of Mardi Gras by Christopher Porche-West

Posted on February 02, 2017 by Erick Rios

Christopher Porche-West's alluring photographs arrived at our workshop a few weeks ago. With the arrival, we were introduced to a side of New Orleanian culture that we had never seen. Porche-West is an accomplished photographer who has been documenting New Orleans and it's residents for the past 30 years. We designed a custom frame for his black and white photo with a black gothic moulding, museum board, and 99% UV museum glass for optimal clarity.

An original Christoper Porche-West print framed at Frames and Stretchers on the Lower East Side.

A Porche-West portrait framed with a gothic moulding and museum board.


A Brief History

Porche-West is an accomplished photographer originally from California. He made his first trip to New Orleans in the late 1970s with the goal of researching people of color. The vibrant, diverse culture of the city intrigued him and he began to visit more often to document it through photographs. After traveling between the two places for over a decade, he moved to New Orleans permanently in 1995. Throughout the late 90s Porche-West continued to take photographs and eventually began experimenting with sculpture using scrap metal he found around the city. Some of the most celebrated portraits of his career were of the Mardi Gras Indians which eventually led to the publishing of the book, "Eyes of Eagles New Orleans' Black Mardi Gras Indians." 

A Christopher Porche-West original print framed by Frames and Stretchers on the Lower East Side.

The famous Mardi Gras Black Indians framed with rustic moulding and museum glass. 


Further Travels

Porche-West has also documented other populations of people of color throughout the Caribbean. He has traveled to Haiti several times due to his relationship with the American Haitian Development Association. Additionally,  he also traveled to Cuba in 2004 for their carnival and took many portraits there as well. His strength lies in his unique skill of capturing emotion and every day moments in an intimate way. Inspiration and further information can be found on his website and Instagram. To keep up with us and our daily framing projects follow us on Instagram or like our Facebook page. If you need a quote on a framing project you can always visit us in person at the Clemente

A photo taken by Christopher Porche West in Haiti.

A photo taken by Christopher Porche-West in Haiti. 



A photograph of a Cuban man during Carnival 2004 shot by Christopher Porche-West.

A Cuban man during carnival. 


A Cuban girl dancing during Carnival 2004 by Christopher Porche-West.

A Cuban girl dancing during carnival. 


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