Super Unique Custom Frames for a Collector's Great Art

Posted on June 06, 2018 by Alison Pierz

WhIsBe Vandal Gunny Bear Sean Scully Ross Bleckner Roy LichtensteinTeam member Stascia in the studio with 4 completed framing projects.

We love collectors with great art and the vision to explore unique custom framing designs! We recently worked with a client who brought four fine art prints from some amazing contemporary artists along with a large painting of their own. The works of art were by WhIsBe, Sean Scully, Ross Bleckner and Roy Lichtenstein and we created individual looks for each of the pieces

WhisBe Vandal Gummy Custom Closed Corner Hand painted Acry;ic Custom Frame MoldingsWhIsBe's "Vandal Gummy" shown during the hinging process and corner details of some of these unique frames.

The artist WhIsBe’s moniker is short for “What Is Beauty” and the anonymous artist navigates the world’s of street art and fine art easily. The piece we framed is one of WhIsBe ’s well know “Vandal Gummies”; a print of a gummy bear arrested by the police. The Gummy was hinged on archival mat board and presented in a closed corner white wood frame, elevating the piece to gallery level status.

Sean Scully is an Irish born artist now dividing his time between NY and Germany. His distinctive geometric abstract paintings are in numerous international collections. We framed his work in what is becoming a best seller here at Frames and Stretchers, a black closed corner frame with contrasting maple splines.

Custom framing steel frame art on canvas painting
The collector's own original artwork in a riveted steel floater frame with surprising blue detail.

Ross Bleckner is a blue chip artist represented by the renowned Mary Boone gallery. This print gave us the opportunity to design a hand stained frame with hand painted pinstripe and corner detailing. We completed the look with a custom painted acrylic mat exclusive to us in NYC. Unlike colored paper mats, the acrylics are completely archival and also offer the option of painted or gilded bevels. We’re proud of this beauty!!! The signed print from Pop Art legend Roy Lichtenstein was set with spacers in a truly awesome custom red acrylic frame with white stripe detail. 

The final piece from the client was one of their own works. A textured painting on canvas produced using concrete in the mix. Our designer Erick suggested a riveted steel frame to complement the industrial texture and offered the out of the box idea of a turquoise blue accent to offset the strong bright yellow. We’ve been told it ’s fast becoming a conversation piece. We’re looking forward excitedly to more fun projects like these!!!

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