Inta Ruka, from the Venice Biennale to Frames and Stretchers in NYC

Posted on September 04, 2015 by Erick Rios

 Inta Ruka photography framed by Frames and Stretchers for her next show in NYCWe feel very proud that we framed the work Inta Ruka for her next show in NYC. She is one of the most famous photographers in Latvia, and one of the leading portrait-photographers of our time. Ruka received a scholarship from the Hasselblad Foundation in 1998, the Spidola Award of the Latvian Culture Foundation in 1999 and a scholarship from the Villa Waldberta in Feldafing in 2002. One year later, the Artist's Union of Latvia awarded her the "Prize of the Year 2003."

Inta Ruka's photographs have already been presented in several important international exhibitions. In 1999, she took part at the 48th Venice Biennale which finally publicized her name internationally.

Her art dealer, Marina Goldena contacted Frames and Stretchers from Latvia and brought us personally Ruka's pictures. We designed the framing up to the highest standards and only using museum materials. The result was sublime.  


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