Perimeter Mounting for Art on Paper

Posted on October 27, 2020 by Bethany Hughes

At Frames and Stretchers, conservation of artwork is our trademark and top priority. One of our conservation techniques to ensure the damage-free and archival framing of delicate works on paper is called Perimeter Mounting.


Archival Perimeter Mounting for this personal letter dated 1996

We use Japanese paper and secured a binding around the piece with a series of expert folds. Applying rice paste to the Japanese paper adheres the artwork safely and securely to the matboard. This ensures no part of the artwork directly receives any glue or treatments that could cause discoloration or fading over time.

When we frame works on paper using Perimeter Mounting with the Japanese paper and rice paste method, the final results will be the highest quality conservation framing, 100% archival and reversible, should you wish to change the framing style over time. 

best-preservtion-conservation-framing-perimeter-mounting-by-frames-and-stretchers-nycPreparing folds with Japanese Rice Paper for Archival Perimeter Mounting 

We are proud to offer the best custom picture framing and museum quality conservation for works of all mediums, shapes and sizes. For this project using Perimeter Mounting, our client wanted the maximum surface area of the paper to be showing, with a custom matboard chosen to compliment the tones of the original piece. 

Watch below for an in depth look at how we created Perimeter Mounting for this handwritten heirloom on paper.

Our team created this custom Perimeter Mounting for a personal letter on paper, using 100% archival and damage-free conservation techniques

Have any questions about the right framing options for your piece? One of our framing experts would be happy to speak with you about your project. We have the best reputation for conservation framing and canvas stretching in New York City, New Haven, and Miami.

All of our frames and stretchers are fully customizable to exactly your wishes. We also offer the most trusted fine art shipping logistics for US and International travel, custom-fitted art crates, and our Art Delivery Van for the white-glove delivery and installation of artwork directly to your home, office, or gallery. 

Please feel free to connect with us by calling 
347-705-0081, or we also have the option for our loyal and new clients to book a free Video Consultation with one of our framing team members, who will be happy to provide recommendations and answer any questions relating to your next custom framing or stretching project. 


Custom Perimeter Mounted artwork, ready for framing in our Lower East Side Studio in the Clemente Building, 107 Suffolk St, Suite 303

We would love to see you at any of our studios located in New York City; New Haven, Connecticut; and Wynwood Miami! 

Contact Us Here for a quote and ensure your artwork and memories will be preserved with the utmost care, respect, and conservation for your project. We look forward to speaking with you!

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Double-Sided Gilded Picture Frame for Pearl Jam Silkscreen

Posted on September 21, 2020 by Bethany Hughes


The final results of a double-sided picture frame that we custom gilded with 22K gold leaf for this Pearl Jam silkscreen

We recently had the honor of giving this Pearl Jam silkscreen a special double-sided frame to show both sides of the artwork. 

For any artworks with signatures, personal notes, or features on both sides of the artwork that our clients would like visible, a double-sided frame can be an excellent option to offer the ability of keeping both sides visible for an extra special reveal. 


We loved being able to enhance and protect both sides sides of this Pearl Jam silkscreen with a custom gilded double-sided picture frame

To create this custom picture frame, we used a natural maple frame with closed corners and natural splines. The designing details include quattro red clay with wood spacers and a 22 K yellow gold leaf finish.

The front layer of this piece is glazed with museum glass for full UV protection and a barrier to prevent colors fading due to sun damage, dust and environmental effects over time. 

A beautiful closed corner solid maple frame with gilding details to give this piece a timeless finish

For any questions about custom projects, design ideas, or fine art stretching, restoration, or shipping logistics, Frames and Stretchers has got you covered. Our expert framing team is happy to help and provide recommendations based on your framing preferences and goals. 

Our studios in New York City, New Haven and Miami are available to take your call at 347-705-0081 and offer you the best experience with having your artwork framed, stretched, or prepared for travel to its next destination.

Take an inside look at our framing studio in Lower East Side, and  the final results of gilding this Pearl Jam silkscreen with museum glass and a double-sided custom picture frame!

Whether your project is large or small, traditional or irregularly shaped, Frames and Stretchers can bring any design idea to reality. We only use 100% archival materials, and have many years experience in NYC working with museums, galleries and collectors to build the best quality frames, interlocking stretchers, art crates and more.

Take a look at some of our Framing Design Collections, or stop by one of our locations in NYC, New Haven and Miami to learn more.


Details of the custom gilded double-sided frame for a Pearl Jam silkscreen

As part of commitment to offering the most trusted and accessible framing services to our clients, we also have the option of booking a Free Video Consultation, where one of our framing experts will be happy to assist you directly with your project and choosing materials right for you. 

We look forward to connecting over creating the most innovative and custom designs for your artwork. Please Contact Us Here for any questions or quotes for your project -- We hope to hear from you soon! 

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Steel Welded Frame With Rivets for Iron Man Blueprints

Posted on August 12, 2020 by Bethany Hughes


Art and design come together to create this stunning custom welded steel frame for Iron Man blueprints

We were very excited when these blueprints from the first Iron Man movie came through our studios, and grateful to have the opportunity to design a custom welded steel frame for this one of a kind piece.

The image itself, which shows the making of the original production, is hand drawn by a master cartographer on canvas then artificially hand aged. The work came to us revealing the skillful costume design for Iron Man where all angles of the iconic armor were captured digitally, rendered and recreated by professional 3D image recreation specialists. So much of cinema history went into the making of this piece, and we were thrilled to create a custom welded metal frame to accent the presence of this work.


Artistic details added to these unique Iron Man blueprints:
Custom Rivets and Distressed Welded Metal Picture Frame gives this artwork the best quality craftmanship and conservation

All of our varieties of welded steel, metal, bronze, and our collection of unique and highest quality archival frames can be custom tailored exactly to your preferences. We created custom rivets for this Iron Man piece to add dimension and a craftsmanship of framing that complements the industrial story of this piece. 

Frames and Stretchers Custom Welded Frames - With Rivets
Available in Metal, Steel, Bronze, Gilded, Copper, Aluminum, Mirror Polished, Distressed and more!

At our studios in New Haven, NYC, and Miami, our framing experts are more than happy to create any custom designs you can imagine. We look forward to offering you the best custom picture framing, canvas stretching and assistance with all your fine art needs. We only use 100% Archival Materials with Fine Art Conservation for your artwork being our highest priority. 


An in process look at creating the frame for Iron Man blueprints, with our artisan and custom picture framing in New York City

Watch how our team builds a welded steel frame for this one of a kind piece!

Why Choose A Custom Frame For Your Artwork?

The benefits of Frames and Stretchers’ custom picture frames and canvas stretchers will protect your artwork from UV damage, discoloration and environmental moisture changes, while ensuring your piece will age beautifully over decades. We work one on one with artists, galleries, and collectors to create elegant contemporary frames that will highlight and protect your artwork and give it a stand out presence in any room. 

Come visit any of our studios or book an appointment with one of our framing experts for a Video Consultation about your project. We would love to hear from you and to create the best framing solutions for you and your artwork.


Our team with the finished custom welded metal frame for Iron Man Blueprints, built in our studios in Lower East Side, NYC

Frames and Stretchers Custom Specialities using 100% Archival Materials: 
  • Custom Picture Framing
  • Canvas Stretching
  • Interlocking Stretchers
  • Art Restoration
  • Art Crates
  • Art Storage Racks
  • On-Site Installation
  • Art Delivery
  • Hand Painted Frames
  • Hand Carved Frames
  • Gilded Frames
  • Welded Frames
  • Canvas Printing
  • Acrylic Face Mounting
  • Aluminum Mounting
  • Matting
  • Shadow Boxes
  • Plexiglass Display Cases / Frames
  • UV-Protective / Museum Glass

For any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out! Our team at Frames and Stretchers would be happy to speak with you about what kinds of services and custom options we have available, based on your preferences and goals.

Give us a call today at
347-705-0081 or Contact Us Here to receive a quote for your project! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Custom Riveted Welded Steel Frame for Alexis Diaz Silkscreen

Posted on April 29, 2020 by Bethany Hughes

Custom Welded Steel frame in NYC for Alexis Diaz, Skull-Silkscreen, Japanese-Mounting, Print, Frames And Stretchers ©2020

Team member in our studio with the finished custom riveted welded steel frame for Alexis Diaz original artwork
The honor of pairing a one-of-a-kind artwork with equally unique craftsmanship and conservation is what we love most about custom framing projects. Such as with this hand-embellished limited silkscreen by Puerto Rican artist Alexis Diaz, now beautifully offset within a custom welded shadowbox frame.

We floated the artwork on museum matboard using archival rice paste and Japanese paper mounting techniques. Our framing experts work one on one with artists and clients to offer the best framing solutions to present and protect your artwork as the focal point of any collection.

Shadowbox detail of museum matboard and Japanese rice paper mounting for
 Alexis Diaz Skull Silkscreen

The added touch of riveted steel moldings gives the outermost layer of this welded frame impeccable detail and an industrial aesthetic. This complements the pointillism effect of Alexis Diaz’s artistry, who often transforms public spaces with large scale murals and eye-catching designs in this signature style.

A final layer of museum glass gives 99% UV protection and stunning clarity, to extend the longevity of this artwork and protect colors from fading for years to come.

Riveted Rusted Steel Frame and Museum-Grade Glazing highlights and protects this piece's textural presence

With a wide variety of custom steel framing finishes including copper, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, and refined selections of matting and hinging available, our expert builders at Frames and Stretchers in NYC and Miami can offer dynamic and unforgettable options to make any custom framing project a reality. 
Welded Steel Frames Bronze Mirror Polished

Mirror polished bronze, steel, and metal frames provide can provide clean and contemporary finishing to a frame's overall look
Steel welded Floater Frames in New York

Welded Steel Frames Made in our Gowanus Factory,
Frames and Stretchers Brooklyn
Welded Steel Frames Custom Riveted Made Gowanus Frames and Stretchers Brooklyn
Our locations in the vibrant communities of Lower East Side's Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center, as well as locations in Gowanus, Brooklyn and Wynwood Miami would be happy to assist you and to discuss framing possibilities that will accentuate your desired project and protect your artwork with museum-grade archival quality.
We have a feeling you'll be seeing a lot more of welded steel frames and Alexis Diaz's artwork to come!

Custom riveted welded steel frames for Alexis Diaz:

Alexis Diaz, Mural Coney Island

Murals by Alexis Diaz in Coney Island and Rag and Bone, SoHo NYC

Alex Diaz, Mural, Rag and Bone, NYC
We invite you to follow more of our featured artists and projects on our Frames and Stretchers Instagram.

Visit us any of our locations or call 
347-705-0081 to learn more about our welded steel frames, stretching, and framing possibilities for your artwork or collection!

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Frames and Stretchers Debuts at SCOPE Art Fair!

Posted on February 20, 2019 by Alison Pierz

Frames and Stretchers is coming to SCOPE! Following our appearance in November at The Other Art Fair, we're bringing our expert packing, shipping and delivery logistics to the innovative SCOPE art fair. We'll also be offering our museum quality framing services along with a surprising and outstanding collection of artworks for sale!

Frames and Stretchers art fair logistics SCOPE art fair
Our team packing and servicing artists and collectors at a recent art fair

SCOPE was the first satellite art fair to run concurrently with New York's Armory Show and is celebrating its 19th edition during Armory Week 2019. SCOPE New York will welcome 60 international exhibitors as it returns to its Chelsea location at the Metropolitan Pavilion. The fair will continue its legacy of critically-acclaimed VIP Programming, a focused schedule of events, and talks.

white glove art handling installation art fairs
Our white glove installation service

We're excited to take part after our most recent art fair success. We'll be onsite installing for booths and helping galleries with their on the spot framing emergencies. We'll also be providing all of the necessary services art collectors need when purchasing and investing in a work of art. Whether a local New Yorker or an out of town visitor we'll help make your purchase run smoothly. We will be offering our exceptional high-quality custom frames to enhance and protect your fine artworks as well as transport - delivery or shipping -  and installation services. In addition, you can enjoy our exhibited selection of fine artworks from the likes of Tschabalala Self, Katherine Bernhardt, Swoon, Murakami,  Shepard Fairey, and Keith Haring among others! If you're making the rounds during Armory Week, come by booth #111 and say Hi!

Art Crating Canvas Stretching Art Handling Art Fairs
Our custom art crating and canvas stretching 


SCOPE art fair NY 2019

SCOPE 2019 Hours: 

VIP Preview Thursday, March 7, 6pm - 9pm
Friday, March 8, 11am - 8pm
Saturday, March 9, 11am - 8pm
Sunday, March 10, 11am - 7pm


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Frames and Stretchers: Competitive Price and Faster Turnaround than Simon Liu!

Posted on January 17, 2019 by Alison Pierz

If you're looking for industry-leading quality interlocking keyed stretchers (American Traditional Stretchers) at a competitive price and even faster turnaround than Simon Liu, Preston Hand Built Artist Stretchers or Barronarts you've come to the right place! Frames and Stretchers Factory is located at 610 Smith Street on the Gowanus / Red Hook border in Brooklyn, convenient for all artists and galleries in this thriving art community and beyond. We offer superior interlocking canvas stretchers, as well as art shipping crates, pedestals and more with all the logistics needed to get your stretchers to you. 

Legacy interlocking stretcher canvas stretcher art stretcher keyed stretcher milling machine
Our master craftsman working on our highly specialized machinery

Our Legacy line interlocking keyed stretchers are created on our amazing precision milling machine, one of only two existing in the world! They're made from super strong, yet lightweight basswood and can be built to accommodate any size artwork. You won't believe your eyes when you see these masterly crafted works of art! All come with hardwood keys for the four outside corners as well as for all necessary crossbars. We also offer primed or unprimed canvas and linen and stretching so we can help you with your painting project from start to finish. We offer local delivery with flat rates to Manhattan, many areas of Brooklyn and Long Island City. Extra large stretchers can be built on site and installation is available on request. If you're not nearby, no worries, our logistics team will get your stretchers shipped to you fast and competitively priced. We even ship internationally.

oversized canvas stretcher art stretcherAn oversized stretcher being assembled on site at a gallery

Our many satisfied clients include David Krut Projects / William Kentridge, James Cohan Gallery, Anna ZorinaBryant Toth Gallery, the Ford Foundation and numerous artists, interior designers, and private collectors of all levels. Need yet another reason to choose Frames and Stretchers? Check out our outstanding museum quality custom framing - something you won't get from other stretcher manufacturers! We offer floater frames for works on canvas as well as unique designs for all types of works on paper. Our expert team will work with you to design the perfect frame for your unique work of art. Stop in at one of our three locations. In addition to our Brooklyn factory, you can find our showrooms in the historic Clemente Building on the Lower East Side and at our newest location in the NYA art center on Broadway in Tribeca, Manhattan. 

large oversized interlocking fine art stretchers
Stretchers ready to send out for an artist's gallery show. 


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Fusing Classic and Contemporary with Christopher Pugliese

Posted on October 25, 2018 by Alison Pierz

Artist Christopher Pugliese hand painted custom frame
Team member Stascia shows off the completed project in our LES studio.

Christopher Pugliese is a contemporary artist with a classical flare. We created the perfect frame design to highlight both vibes! This portrait was done in pencil and gouache and merges his exquisite mastery of rendering with a contemporary sensibility. We chose a clean maple, closed corner hardwood frame molding, then accented it with a beautiful blue handpainted pinstripe and corners to speak to the touch of color in the composition. The artwork was hinged to its archival cotton rag backing board using reversible mulberry paper hinges and our own hand cooked rice paste. Beyond the normal hinging process, we needed to create a window on the reverse side of the frame to highlight the artist's signature, personal message to the collector, and a super cool extra portrait sketch! The window was cut into the Coroplast backing and sealed with an acetate cover.

Closed corner frame custom framing hand painted blue
The handpainted blue details

We're always enthusiastic to work with art from well-known artists. Christopher Pugliese is the child of two modernists and grew up during the heyday of the 1980s SoHo art scene in downtown Manhattan. In typical rebellious fashion, he chose a different creative path from his parents. He studied at the New York Academy of Art under the accomplished draftsmen Ted Jacobs and Tony Ryder. Here he honed his attention to fine detail. Pugliese furthered his education at the Art Students League and at the National Academy of Design in New York City, and later studied privately in France.

Custom framing signature window
Images of the back of the frame showing the signature window

The contemporary art zeitgeist is currently re-embracing the quality of academically trained painters who are able to create works that feel of the moment. Pugliese is benefitting from this trend with numerous group and solo exhibitions in the US and abroad. Some highlights include his solo exhibition at The New Britain Museum of American Art and participation in the 2012 - 2013 exhibition, Contemporary American Realism, which toured throughout China.
Artist Christopher Pugliese
Artist Christopher Pugliese 
(image courtesy of Vincent Zambrano Films)

Whether classical or contemporary, our selection of elegant frames and knowledgeable staff offers countless options for all styles and genres of art. We'd love to see yours and design a unique custom frame to suit your individual art treasure.


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