Crock Rockin' with Stellar Street Artist Anthony Lister

Posted on November 17, 2017 by Alison Pierz

At Frames and Stretchers, we often get to work with exceptional examples of street art. Recently we framed a terrific piece from Australian artist Anthony Lister. The image is similar to one of the artist’s "crock rocks"  pieces. The collector was looking for a way to provide extra protection for this work on canvas. First, we stretched the artwork on stretcher bars.Then we created a custom white maple shadowbox with matching wood spacers. The work was then protected under 99%UV filtering conservation acrylic. 

Anthony Lister Australian street artist crocodile painting
The completed frame with Anthony Lister's crocodile painting

Anthony Lister is an Australian artist. He was born in Brisbane and now lives and works in Sydney but his work has been shown and represented all over the world. He began creating street art at the age of 17 but progressed to receiving his BFA from the Queensland College of Art. He further honed his craft under the mentorship of Max Gimblett, a major New Zealand based artist.

Custom framing shadow box frame artwork Australian artist Anthony Lister
Frames and Stretchers team member Juan at work on the finishing details

Stylistically Lister works in a scratchy technique, employing many materials from spray paint to charcoal and oils. His work is often figurative and straddles the divide between high and “lowbrow” art. He has a diverse studio practice ranging from drawing and painting to video and installation, but he still takes to the streets where he enjoys the greatest freedom of expression – a practice that has lead to multiple charges of vandalism. Lister’s work has been featured in mainstream magazines like Vogue as well as art world publications like Juxtapose and his collaborations have included working with other artists from Space Invader to Nick Cave. A truly unique talent, listed him among the 50 most influential street artists of all time.

Artist Anthony Lister at work in his studio
Artist Anthony Lister at work in his studio (image courtesy Australian "Vogue")

It’s so great to have the opportunity to include Anthony Lister’s work among our ever-growing portfolio of custom framing projects. To see more of what we do you can follow us at and on Instagram @framesandstretchers.  

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Swoon: Humanitarianism in the Street and in the Museum

Posted on July 14, 2017 by Alison Pierz

We recently framed a wonderful print from Brooklyn based multimedia artist Swoon. It came to the studio from a collector who had a number of new street art acquisitions. This particular figurative image was printed over a lovely purple, pink and green watercolor background and we framed the work with maple hardwood moldings, museum board and museum glass. The gallery style framing offered a sense of elegance in keeping with the artist’s seamless flow between street and high-art.  

Swoon street art custom framing watercolor
The finished framed Swoon print in the studio

Swoon was born Caledonia Curry in 1977 in New London, CT and received her BFA from Pratt Institute in 2002. During her art school years she began a street art practice (around 1999) wheat-pasting life size human figures and portraits to walls around New York and other cities. Her practice quickly developed to include large-scale installations of her cut paper imagery and in 2005 she was given a solo exhibition by influential dealer and curator Jeffrey Deitch. Deitch has subsequently become something of a mentor to the artist and numerous gallery and museum opportunities have followed including 2014’s “Submerged Motherlands” at the Brooklyn Museum.

Swoon Murmuration installation
The installation, "Murmuration" including a larger version of the image we framed

Swoon takes a humanitarian approach to her art and has worked on behalf of the reconstruction of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and Haiti after earthquake in 2010. She created a flotilla of rafts created from refuse and scavenged materials for the 2009 Venice Biennale. Over the course of several months in 2013 Swoon worked with youth from areas affected by Hurricane Sandy to produce a series of images appearing on walls throughout the city in hurricane affected areas including Red Hook, Coney Island, Far Rockaway, and Staten Island. The “Recovery Diaspora” series culminated in a Hurricane Sandy themed mural on the Bowery Mural Wall on Houston Street in Manhattan. Swoon keeps it real continuing to work with local community organizations, like Arts Gowanus in her borough of Brooklyn.

Swoon street art Bowery Wall Mural Hurricane Sandy reliefMural from the "Recovery Diaspora" project on the Bowery Mural Wall, Houston Street

The image we worked with is an iconic figure in her work having appeared in installation form and serving as the centerpiece for the Bowery mural. It’s always exciting and gratifying to work with art from such amazing local talent!

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