Stascia's Skilled Sewing and Tapestry Framing

Posted on February 18, 2017 by Erick Rios

As framing experts, we are committed to constantly expanding our services offered. One of these services is tapestry framing. Lately at Frames and Stretchers, we've received quite a few textile projects including some aged tapestries that required delicate care. We immediately thought of Stascia, our framer who is also a skilled seamstress. The framing order involving the antique required us to mount and frame the woven art. The challenge was in the fringe. We needed to find a conservation method to keep the fringe from falling victim to gravity and hanging downward. Stascia came up with a tapestry framing technique that involved using a catch stitch. We interviewed her about the piece and her methods. See below for the interview and more pictures. 

Frames and Stretchers framing an antique tapestry using complex sewing techniques.

A close up of Stascia sewing a tapestry order.

Q: What techniques did you use to sew the tapestry?

A: I used a whip stitch for the edges of the rug. For the fringe I used a variation of a catch stitch so that you would not see an obvious straight line of stitches to create the illusion the fringe threads were suspended.


 A tapestry in the process of being framed using sewing techniques at Frames and Stretchers on the Lower East Side.
An antique tapestry framed with complex sewing techniques.


Q: When did you find out that you had a knack for sewing?

A: I have been sewing since I was ten years old. My mother had me do only hand stitching, including needlepoint and cross stitch for about four years before I began using a sewing machine.


Q: Is sewing a hobby or a serious endeavor?

A: It is definitely both to me! I do it for myself because I enjoy the challenge of working with fabric for a wide range of purposes including: custom tailor suits and coats; bridal wear; custom slipcovers; custom window treatments; costume design; quilting and my artwork is canvas sculptures sewn onto a canvas.

Frames and Stretchers using sewing techniques for tapestry framing in the Lower East Side.

Stascia using her sewing skills on another textile framing order.

Q: What are some important things to remember when sewing a more delicate work of art?

A: You have to be familiar with the personality of different fabrics in order to choose the right thread, needle and stitch. You also have to keep in mind the age of the fabric and its fragility when handling and choosing how to display and preserve it.

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