Alfredo Volpi's Art Restored to its Glory Days

Posted on April 28, 2017 by Alison Pierz

Frames and Stretchers recently had a fantastic vintage canvas from Brazilian modernist painter Alfredo Volpi in the studio. It arrived with some small condition issues due to age and we were entrusted with re-stretching and re-framing the delicate work. All original vintage materials were used including stretcher bars, frame and even nails. Stascia did a brilliant job giving fresh new life to the mid-twentieth century work.

Alfredo Volpi Brazilian Modernist Abstract Painting Frames and Stretchers

Framing the Alfredo Volpi painting with vintage materials

Alfredo Volpi was one of the most significant painters of Brazilian modernism. He was born in Italy, but moved with his family to São Paulo with his family at the age of two. He began painting around the age of twelve and moved from a naturalist style through expressionism and was briefly associated with the concretist movement of the 1930s. He eventually developed his own distinctive style using geometric abstract forms and colors. He also traded oils for the ancient traditional medium of tempera.

Alfredo Volpi Brazilian Modernist Abstract Painting Frames and Stretchers

Details of the canvas before and after re-stretching

In the 1950s he created works based on the façades of houses, but in the 1960s he developed his signature "bandeirinhas" or “small flags” series. The flags are based on those used in Brazil during the annual Festa Junina, a type of Midsummer celebration. He used the stylized flag forms to create vibrant, colorful abstract works. The small reddish geometric form in the painting we worked on identifies this piece as one of the “bandeirinhas” series.

Alfredo Volpi Brazilian Modernist Abstract Painting Frames and Stretchers

Detail of the painting showing the "bandeirinha" and artist's signature on back

During his career he participated in the second São Paulo Art Biennial and won the Grand Prix for Brazilian painting. More recent twenty first century exhibitions have shown that although he was self-taught he was influenced to some degree by other great modernist painters like Josef Albers. His use of tempera also shows that he had knowledge of historical painting techniques and materials. With works at auction realizing upwards of half a million dollars, Volpi is clearly positioned in history as one of the most important Brazilian painters of his generation and it was an honor to work with his art.

Alfredo Volpi Vinatage Abstract Painting bandeirinha Frames and Stretchers

Stascia with the finished framed painting

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Abstract Movement in the World of Alyson Butterfield

Posted on April 15, 2017 by Erick Rios

Last week we got a framing order for a large Alyson Butterfield piece and were impressed with her abstract art. Her color play and shape usage allow the viewer to make highly personalized interpretations of art. We framed this piece with a gray stained Wenge wood frame. Next we floated the piece with Japanese paper and rice paste. Since the frame design and piece were both large scale, we added a strainer and used Optium Museum Acrylic instead of Museum glass. The end result was outstanding. 

Alyson Butterfield original artwork.

Alyson's journey through creating has been an interesting one filled with multi-medium experimentation. Besides painting, she creates photographs, collages, prints, and drawings. Her career began in the Bay area where she attended California College of the Arts and the San Francisco Art Institute. Following graduation, she traveled throughout Europe exploring and further improving her art. Upon her return, she moved to Seattle where she taught at Cornish College of the Arts. After taking a brief break from creating, she moved to Oakland and resumed her craft. Fueled by mystery, emotion and play Alyson's works are large scale investigations of humanity through movement. 

 Frames and Stretchers in the Lower East Side framing an original Alyson Butterworth piece.

Alyson has exhibited extensively throughout the Southwest and the Bay over the course of her career. Currently she resides in Escondido, California and can be reached for inquiries on her website. The artwork was installed by Art Delivery Van. To keep up with our daily projects, follow us on Instagram, or stop by for a quote to see the workshop in action.

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The winner and finalists of THE GREAT ART CONTEST

Posted on August 02, 2015 by Erick Rios

Vincent Zambrano artwork Nap, oil on canvas , THE GREAT ART CONTEST winner

Frames and Stretchers is proud to announce that the winner of THE GREAT ART CONTEST is Vincent Zambrano and his work "Nap" Oil on canvas 14" x 12". His artwork will be custom framed at Frames and Stretchers.

We would also like to congratulate the 4 finalists:

Alex Campanaro

Artist Luz Angelica Fernandez painting on canvas
Luz Angelica Fernandez

Artist Mira Dayal  drawing on a map, New York City

Mira Dayal

Artist Kayo Albert mixed media on paper, New York City
Kayo Albert

Congratulations to all the amazing artists for making it to the finals of THE GREAT ART CONTEST.  All the finalists will get a $100.00 gift certificate to have their work custom framed. We will be holding and exhibition of the finalists with a reception on Wednesday, August 26th. The exhibition will run until Saturday, September 12, 2015 at the FS Galllery in THE CLEMENTE.

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Eddy Bogaert artwork for a show at THE MARQUEE CLUB / NY Fashion Week

Posted on July 20, 2015 by Erick Rios

Eddy Bogaert piece for a show at THE MARQUEE CLUB / NY Fashion Week
We were very excited to build a stretcher, stretch and to frame this amazing and gigantic piece by artist Eddy Bogaert. Super cool mixed media that Eddy needed framed and ready for a special event at The Marquee as part of the NY Fashion Week. We received the piece at 1:00 pm and was completed before 5:00 pm!!  That's fast service, only at Frames and Stretchers at THE CLEMENTE.

PS: We know the picture is upside down. Frames and Stretchers crew posed holding the painting the wrong way. But out of respect for the artist, we are presenting you the artwork the way it should be. Lol

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