Adam Dare's Signature Bunny Gets Bronzed!

Posted on August 03, 2018 by Alison Pierz

Adam Dare Bunny Custom Bronze Frame
Adam Dare's art courtesy of 212 Arts in its new bronze frame

Adam Dare is "all about the bunny", and we were all about designing the perfect frame for this guy! This example of Dare's signature stuffed rabbit with blinded eyes and broken heart inspired us to design an outstanding bronze finished steel frame that speaks to the hand-gilded "XO" covering the bunny's left eye as well as the color in the image itself. We worked with our partners at A Street Frames to design a custom metal shadowbox. The frame itself features a beautiful buffed textured surface and screw details on the side. The art was floated on archival mat board with our Japanese paper hinges and rice paste and fit with spacers. Finally, the artwork was protected behind 99% UV protection, reflection-free Museum Glass. We're so thrilled with the result!

Custom framing bronze frameDetails of the frame and floating treatment

Adam Dare is a Brooklyn native street artist who has been tagging and painting since the heyday of graffiti art in the 1980s. His art and murals can be found in numerous cities, with a focus on Los Angeles and his native NYC. Dare works with a number of repeated images including playing cards, but he has earned the nickname, "The Bunnyman"  with the iconic design that has inspired his slogan "Ain't about the money, All about the Bunny."* This stuffed toy with taped over eyes and broken heart is an image Dare has been drawing since childhood. It has a resonance with anyone who feels like a survivor of life's hard knocks. His smaller printed works often feature a hand gilded heart of gold. 

Adam Dare bunny mural graffiti street art LES NYC
Dare's latest bunny mural down the block from our studio on the LES

This work came to us via 212 Arts, an East Village gallery specializing in contemporary urban art and artists. It's always a pleasure to work with and support our neighbors here in the downtown art community. If you're among them, we invite you to stop by and pay us a visit.


* Adam Dare "About" 

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Nick Flatt Sends Iconic Artworks Up in Flames

Posted on May 24, 2017 by Alison Pierz

We recently got a chance to stretch a great piece by Texas born artist Nick Flatt. Flatt hails from Dallas and is currently working as part of the fertile Berlin art scene. His numerous international exhibitions include stops in Berlin and London and, along with fellow street artist Cryptik, he created an Andy Warhol memorial mural in Los Angeles. His art often is often photorealistic and depicts stereotypical images that feel appropriated from advertising, but with more subversive comments and intentionally provocative titles.


Nick Flatt Giclee Print on Canvas Street Art Mona Lisa

Nick Flatt's completed stretched canvas in our studio

“Flatt whets the viewer’s unconscious appetite for consumption. However, their extreme, lascivious gestures distort our desire to the point of discomfort. By exposing the cheap triggers employed by these glossy glamazons, Flatt invites us to be repulsed by their honest unmasking.” *

The piece we stretched, "Revolution Porno" (2016), is part of a series in which the artist takes on icons of art and presents them literally going up in flames. The print we worked on is the artist’s version of the "Mona Lisa". It’s one of an edition of 20 giclee prints on canvas each hand-finished with spray paint, acrylic and oil and signed by the artist.

Nick Flatt painting Revolution Porno Mona Lisa Giclee print on canvas with flames
Nick Flatt working on the original "Revolution Porno" 


Flatt’s flame theme is seen in other works like, “F*ck Status Art” which depicts the burning of a Damien Hirst “dot painting”. “Revolution Porno 11” treats Vermeer’s iconic, “Girl with Pearl Earring” in the same way complete with flames and graffiti. On his process he says, “Damn near burned the house down creating the reference photo”


Nick Flatt Flames Damien Hirst Vermeer Giclee prints street art canvas

Two other works by the artist referencing Damien Hirst and Vermeer


Frames and Stretchers is fortunate to be afforded the opportunity to work with a wide variety of artworks from 100 year old abstract canvases to contemporary twenty-first century gallery installations. Nick Flatt’s work joins a growing list of street art works that have come through our studio doors here at The Clemente building at our location here on the Lower East Side. 




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Stretched Artwork for The Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music

Posted on September 01, 2015 by Erick Rios

Canvas wood stretcher and Stretched artwork for The Jam Master Jay Foundation for MusicWe, at Frames and Stretchers are super thrilled to be part of the The Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music and Buzz Art Auctions New York. We made all the wood stretchers and stretched all the artwork to be auctioned on Thursday October 1, 2015 from 7:00-10:30 pm at 450 WEST 31st STREET BETWEEN 9th AND 10th AVENUES.

They will be showcasing and auctioning artworks on canvas from well known street artists from Europe, Latin America and United States.

The Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music is a 501(c)(3) organization created by Jam Master Jay's wife, Terri Corley-Mizell and some of Jay's closest friends. The foundation operates under the simple premise that regardless of socio-economic status, every child deserves equal access to the arts. The Foundation supports the idea that social Justice, Arts and Music (J.A.M.) education should be in every school, in every region of the country, giving children the opportunity to expand their world-view through artistic expression.

For more information and tickets:!new-york/c4t

Canvas wood stretcher and Stretched artwork for The Jam Master Jay Foundation for MusicCanvas wood stretcher and Stretched artwork for The Jam Master Jay Foundation for Music

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Chris Mendoza got framed

Posted on July 18, 2015 by Erick Rios

Street / Graffiti artist Chris Mendoza's artwork framed at Frames and StretchersChris Mendoza is an Nicaragua-born, NYC-based painter whose been doing street art for a long time, and whose hung around some of the graffiti greats. He makes collages out of stickers. His composition is powerful, complicated and colorful. We had the pleasure of framing some of his work. The moulding is natural maple from our exclusive Rivington Medium Shadow Boxes. Matted with Rising museum board and recessed with 1/2 inch spacers to create more space. We also did a v-grove around the image. It gives an interesting level of sophistication to the custom framing job.

You can see some of his recent artwork at Con Artist Collective

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