Gondek's Deconstructive Pop Art Pops in Acrylic Colors!

Posted on May 08, 2019 by Alison Pierz

Artist Matt Gondek‘s Deconstructive Pop Art style provided the perfect inspiration for these two acrylic frames so we got right to work! Frames and Stretchers currently has the technology to design unique acrylic moldings in a variety of shapes, colors, finishes, and patterns and the bold color fields and patterns in these images suggested the looks. 

Gondek The Simpsons Acrylic frame street artTwo comic inspired works by Matt Gondek in our acrylic frames

The pieces we framed are "Miami Panther" and "Nuclear Family". The first depicts a reclining Pink Panther character on a yellow sofa smoking under a palm tree. We worked with the turquoise of the tree and the panther's pink. Because we have the ability to add patterns we employed an abstract floral that echos the stylized smoke rings. "Nuclear Family" is a portrait of an exploding Simpson family. The yellow of the Simpsons and turquoise accent suggested the colors. Radiating yellow lines echo the composition's explosion. All of our acrylics can be produced with either a clear or frosted finish and we chose clear to highlight the richness of the color in the silkscreen prints. 

Gondek Contemporary art acrylic frameUp close corner views showing the details of the frames.

Matt Gondek is a Pittsburgh native who currently works out of Los Angeles. A self-taught artist, he began creating comic book style compositions at an early age. A stint as a graphic designer for a clothing company led to his briefly owning his own boutique. Gondek's signature style of deconstructed pop culture icons developed from an initial exploding Mickey Mouse drawing. His work can be viewed as street murals and on gallery walls and is represented in Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the UK. He's also represented in collections in Sweden, Germany, Paris, Canada, and Brazil.

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