Adam Dare's Signature Bunny Gets Bronzed!

Posted on August 03, 2018 by Alison Pierz

Adam Dare Bunny Custom Bronze Frame
Adam Dare's art courtesy of 212 Arts in its new bronze frame

Adam Dare is "all about the bunny", and we were all about designing the perfect frame for this guy! This example of Dare's signature stuffed rabbit with blinded eyes and broken heart inspired us to design an outstanding bronze finished steel frame that speaks to the hand-gilded "XO" covering the bunny's left eye as well as the color in the image itself. We worked with our partners at A Street Frames to design a custom metal shadowbox. The frame itself features a beautiful buffed textured surface and screw details on the side. The art was floated on archival mat board with our Japanese paper hinges and rice paste and fit with spacers. Finally, the artwork was protected behind 99% UV protection, reflection-free Museum Glass. We're so thrilled with the result!

Custom framing bronze frameDetails of the frame and floating treatment

Adam Dare is a Brooklyn native street artist who has been tagging and painting since the heyday of graffiti art in the 1980s. His art and murals can be found in numerous cities, with a focus on Los Angeles and his native NYC. Dare works with a number of repeated images including playing cards, but he has earned the nickname, "The Bunnyman"  with the iconic design that has inspired his slogan "Ain't about the money, All about the Bunny."* This stuffed toy with taped over eyes and broken heart is an image Dare has been drawing since childhood. It has a resonance with anyone who feels like a survivor of life's hard knocks. His smaller printed works often feature a hand gilded heart of gold. 

Adam Dare bunny mural graffiti street art LES NYC
Dare's latest bunny mural down the block from our studio on the LES

This work came to us via 212 Arts, an East Village gallery specializing in contemporary urban art and artists. It's always a pleasure to work with and support our neighbors here in the downtown art community. If you're among them, we invite you to stop by and pay us a visit.


* Adam Dare "About" 

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