Double-Sided Gilded Picture Frame for Pearl Jam Silkscreen

Posted on September 21, 2020 by Bethany Hughes


The final results of a double-sided picture frame that we custom gilded with 22K gold leaf for this Pearl Jam silkscreen

We recently had the honor of giving this Pearl Jam silkscreen a special double-sided frame to show both sides of the artwork. 

For any artworks with signatures, personal notes, or features on both sides of the artwork that our clients would like visible, a double-sided frame can be an excellent option to offer the ability of keeping both sides visible for an extra special reveal. 


We loved being able to enhance and protect both sides sides of this Pearl Jam silkscreen with a custom gilded double-sided picture frame

To create this custom picture frame, we used a natural maple frame with closed corners and natural splines. The designing details include quattro red clay with wood spacers and a 22 K yellow gold leaf finish.

The front layer of this piece is glazed with museum glass for full UV protection and a barrier to prevent colors fading due to sun damage, dust and environmental effects over time. 

A beautiful closed corner solid maple frame with gilding details to give this piece a timeless finish

For any questions about custom projects, design ideas, or fine art stretching, restoration, or shipping logistics, Frames and Stretchers has got you covered. Our expert framing team is happy to help and provide recommendations based on your framing preferences and goals. 

Our studios in New York City, New Haven and Miami are available to take your call at 347-705-0081 and offer you the best experience with having your artwork framed, stretched, or prepared for travel to its next destination.

Take an inside look at our framing studio in Lower East Side, and  the final results of gilding this Pearl Jam silkscreen with museum glass and a double-sided custom picture frame!

Whether your project is large or small, traditional or irregularly shaped, Frames and Stretchers can bring any design idea to reality. We only use 100% archival materials, and have many years experience in NYC working with museums, galleries and collectors to build the best quality frames, interlocking stretchers, art crates and more.

Take a look at some of our Framing Design Collections, or stop by one of our locations in NYC, New Haven and Miami to learn more.


Details of the custom gilded double-sided frame for a Pearl Jam silkscreen

As part of commitment to offering the most trusted and accessible framing services to our clients, we also have the option of booking a Free Video Consultation, where one of our framing experts will be happy to assist you directly with your project and choosing materials right for you. 

We look forward to connecting over creating the most innovative and custom designs for your artwork. Please Contact Us Here for any questions or quotes for your project -- We hope to hear from you soon! 

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A Gold & Sgraffito Custom Frame for Luis Borrero's "Reina de las Quenepas"

Posted on July 28, 2020 by Bethany Hughes

At Frames and Stretchers in NYC, our specialty is creating custom picture frames and stretchers that will enhance and protect your artwork while leaving a lasting impression.

Gilded Frames, Sgraffito Technique: Frames and Stretchers NYC
Beautiful Custom Gilded Frame with Sgraffito Technique
Made in our Frames and Stretchers Studio NYC
Original Artwork by Luis Borrero

Our talented team of expert craftsman can handle any project's size, shape, or installation needs, such as with this delightful piece by Puerto Rican artist 
Luis Borrero whose work melds baroque styling with contemporary themes. 

We designed a perfect fresh gilded sgraffito picture frame in New York, to fit and complement one of his masterworks. His portrait "Reina de las Quenepas" was created using oil and pigments on wood board. The Caribbean fruit from her headdress inspired us to design a vine pattern. The final step was incising the pattern on a gilded frame with a pointed arch.

Our expert, giving final touches to the gilded - sgraffito frame

The carefully designed frame reflects our special interest in this compelling work of art with an intriguing history. "This painting was inspired by a local homeless woman that often would sell the Quenepa fruit from our native Puerto Rico to support her drug addiction. The painting is inspired by medieval icons and Goya’s dark paintings." - Luis Borrero

Prior to framing the piece, we called upon our expert conservator Julia Rivera"Reina de las Quenepas" was painted 20 years ago in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Julia carefully removed the more than two decades worth of soiling from the surface revealing the gleam of the gold and brilliance of the colors underneath. 

Frames and Stretchers works directly with craftsmen and artists who are skilled in traditional techniques with a contemporary flair. This frame was carved and assembled by hand then embellished. In the gilding process, a layer of clay is applied to the frame molding, then the artisan applies sheets of 22 K gold leaf. Finally, a design is incised through the technique known as sgraffito, resulting in an amazing overall finish!


Luis Borrero graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. He has exhibited widely and is collected throughout the States and Puerto Rico. Studying in Europe inspired his appreciation for classical designs and techniques. He incorporates these skills into his own personal style that reflects the current figurative movement in art. In 2007, his work was exhibited at the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Puerto Rico in a group exhibition that culminated in a comprehensive book of Puerto Rican artists. He also founded the Atelier San Juan in San Juan to nurture students in classical methods of drawing and painting and to offer assistance in portfolio development. Borrero was awarded Best in Show in the Salmagundi Club's Non-Members Exhibit at the Denise Bibro Fine Art in Chelsea, New York.

Pairing outstandingly crafted artworks such as Borrero's with equally elegant frames is one of our specialties. We hope you'll visit us at the studio with your personal art treasures to see what one of a kind design we can create for you!

We invite you to follow more of our featured artists and projects on our Frames and Stretchers Instagram.

Please visit us at any of our locations in the Lower East Side, Miami, and New Haven, or call 
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Warhol Meets Punk and Gets Rock Star Treatment

Posted on April 27, 2017 by Alison Pierz

A recent project at Frames and Stretchers involved the intersection of Andy Warhol’s Factory and the 70s downtown punk scene. We had the opportunity to frame an original Jon Pellicoro, “Andy Warhol” hand grenade. The unique and edgy graphic work was given a high-end treatment befitting a museum quality piece. We built a beautiful closed corner maple frame gilded with 22K gold. The grenade was hinged using Japanese paper and rice paste and mounted behind Optium museum acrylic.

Andy Warhol Jon Pellicoro punk rock hand grenade print

Jon Pellicoro's Andy Warhol inspired hand grenade

Pellicoro was the drummer for the short-lived band the Handgrenades who hailed from Long Island and played Bowery circuit venues like Max’s and CBGB’s. He and band mate Bob Kern have been described as “mordant provocateurs, and good ones at that”. * It was Pellicoro who produced the grenades.

Andy Warhol Jon Pellicoro hand grenade print pop art punk rock

Doing conservation work on the grenade print

closed corner frame 22K gold leaf gilding

Details of the closed corner frame and 22K gold leaf

As a professional graphic artist who worked for the East Village Eye and was a partner in the design firm Grafix Multimedia, Pellicoro had the skills to experiment with unusual advertising gimmicks to promote the band. After a trip to the Factory he got the idea to produce a number of Warhol “inspired” hand grenades to pitch the band's 1979 single Demo to London. These grenade cutouts bore the name of the band and song as well as a “replica” Andy Warhol signature. Many storeowners thought the artworks were authentic Warhols and some were stolen. Some found the grenades to be a clever gimmick, while others were less than amused. Kern says they even tried to provoke Andy himself, “We also put one in Warhol's elevator, we posted them in the elevator of the Factory, and we sent them up to the third floor and walked off.”* Apparently Warhol verbally threatened to sue them, but nothing ever came of it.

Andy Warhol hand grenade Jon Pellicoro Pop Art Print Punk Rock

The former promotional material in it's beautiful new frame

Now the grenades are a piece of urban folklore and it seems appropriate to have the opportunity to help preserve such a great piece of NYC history here at our LES location!



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