Custom White Picture Frame for Pat Steir Artwork

Posted on November 10, 2020 by Bethany Hughes

Best Pat Steir Custom Float Frame, Made by Frames and Stretchers NYC

Custom White Picture Frame for a Pat Steir Print

One of the most rewarding parts of working with fine art conservation and offering the best custom framing and canvas stretching in New York City, New Haven CT and Miami, is the opportunity to work one-on-one with clients and collectors to create beautiful designs for each artwork. 

We cherish being able to protect and preserve each artwork’s longevity and archival quality while creating innovative and modern framing designs that will leave a lasting impression in any collection. 

It was an absolute pleasure to build a custom white picture frame for this gorgeous Photogravure aquatint pochoir print by the legendary American painter and printmaker Pat Steir. To create this framing project, we used maple hardwood painted in white and added museum glass to achieve supreme clarity. Then, we float mounted the print on museum board using Japanese paper hinging and rice paste. This style of hinging ensures the artwork will not be damaged in the process, while providing a reinforced seal that will secure the artwork for generations to come. 

All of our artisan conservation techniques are executed with the utmost care and respect for your artwork and fully reversible, should you wish to change the design in the future your artwork will always be protected.

Come take a visit at our Frames and Stretchers studios to compare framing options in Lower East Side, located within the historic Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Education Center. Our designers are happy to provide recommendations for the best archival materials and expert craftsmanship with all varieties of framing preferences and have years of experience to discuss which framing or stretching solutions will complement your piece best. 

Need an on-site installation for your project? Our team of professionals is experts in fine art installation and international shipping logistics. We are experienced in creating the best custom-fitted art crates to protect valuable works for travel, and have worked with countless galleries, museums and institutions with verified 5 star results and reviews. 

The Best Art Delivery Van in NYC, Connecticut, Miami - Frames and Stretchers

For all your art delivery, installation, and shipping needs our Art Delivery Van and team of professional fine art handlers is at your service

Our team also specializes in creating the very best art restorations, interlocking and keyed stretchers, hand carved and gilded frames, plexiglass frames, shadowbox, welded steel, bronze and aluminum frames, and round, oval, circle, closed corner frames and of course, any custom shaped frames and stretchers you can imagine! Looking for something more? We love customizing our frames, stretchers, and services exactly to our client’s wishes.

Our team and Art Delivery Van will be happy to meet you at your convenience to assist with any fine art delivery or on-site installation. At all of our Frames and Stretchers studios in New York City, New Haven CT and Miami, we strive to make sure our clients will be completely satisfied, with our personal service and impeccable framing and stretching designs that will fit perfectly and look amazing in your space. 

Have any further questions about how we can assist you with your fine art conservation, framing, or canvas stretching project? Please Contact Us Here for a quote, or give us a call at (347) 705-0081 - We look forward to speaking with you about your next project!

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Custom Shadowbox Frames for Two John Baldessari Lithographs

Posted on October 12, 2020 by Bethany Hughes


“I go back and forth between wanting to be abundantly simple and maddeningly complex” - John Baldessari

We recently had the opportunity to custom frame two stunning and thought-provoking lithographs by the American conceptual artist John Baldessari. At Frames and Stretchers, we are honored to partner with collectors, artists and galleries to offer the best museum quality custom picture framing, canvas stretching, and fine art conservation and installation services in New York City, Miami, and New Haven CT. 

To frame these historic lithographs, each artwork was floated on museum board using archival Japanese paper hinging. This archival technique allows conservationists to safely and securely mount a print to a matboard or museum board using 100% acid-free archival materials. The custom hinging process is completely reversible also so you can change the frame or remove the print if you wished for a different style of framing in the future.

A classic and contemporary gallery black hardwood frame was chosen to highlight the vibrant colors and filmic textures of these gorgeous lithographs by Baldessari. The first piece is titled “Two Opponents (Blue and Yellow)” made by Baldessari in 2004 as part of a limited edition on 164 signed lithographs on Rives BFK wove paper.

Details of John Baldessari's Lithograph "Two Opponents (Blue and Yellow)" custom float mounted with Japanese rice paper hinging and a gallery black hardwood shadowbox frame

We framed this work using a float mount on warm white acid free museum board, with foamcore spacers and shadowbox museum glass that is 99% UV Protective and anti-reflective. A 2” margin on the museum board with Japanese paper hinging gives this framing design a breathable and balanced border, enhancing the edges and artist signature on the piece.


Frames and Stretchers Created the Best Custom Shadowbox Frames in Gallery Black Hardwood for John Baldessari Lithograph, from "Hands and Feet" 2017 series

One of the most rewarding parts of working in custom and conservation framing is the ability to work one on one with clients to create beautiful esthetic framing with the highest quality conservation to keep artwork protected and enhanced for generations to come.

Take an inside look in our NYC studio to see how we created these custom shadbowbox floater frames for two John Baldessari Lithographs!

For any questions about framing options for your artwork or collection, one of our experts would be happy to speak with you about your project. Please feel free to view some of our 5 Star Reviews for hearing more of our clients trusted experiences working with us for the best conservation framing and canvas stretching with studios in New York City, New Haven, and Miami.

The final results of custom framing stunning lithography by John Baldessari

All of our frames and stretchers can be made fully customizable to exactly your artwork’s dimensions as well as your framing goals and wishes. At Frames and Stretchers we also provide fine art shipping logistics for US and International travel, custom-fitted art crates, and our Art Delivery Van with a team of professional framers and art handlers at your service for on-site installation and delivery.

Any further questions about our custom picture framing, canvas stretching and installation services? We would love to connect and hear from you. Please feel free to Contact Us Here give us a call at 347-705-0081. We also have the option to book a free Video Consultation with one of our team members, who will be happy to provide recommendations and answer any questions relating to your next custom framing or stretching project.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Hand Carved and Gilded Custom Oval Frames Make Charming Cuban Folk Art Shine!

Posted on December 13, 2017 by Alison Pierz

At Frames and Stretchers, we always welcome the opportunity to design unique handcrafted frames to present our client's unique art! These three examples of Cuban Art were no exception. The artworks with a folk art feel were brought to us by a collector who wanted the perfect oval frames for this wedding inspired series. Each canvas also had its own custom shaped stretcher and we'd like to share with you some of the steps in this custom handcrafting process. 

handcrafted custom framing hand carving hand gilding gold leaf oval frames Cuban art folk art painting framing in NYCThe three paintings installed in the collector's home (left) after leaving our studio (right)

The flat oval canvases served as the templates for the stretchers. Then after each was stretched, the paintings served as the templates for the floater style frames. Floater frames are often used with paintings on canvas to create a decorative border without covering any of the image. Several boards had to be glued together and cured before the oval shapes were cut. After being cut and carved for shape, each was painted with 3 coats of gesso, a substance used as a base to begin the gilding process. After the gesso, 3 coats of red clay base were applied. Only then was it time to apply the 22K gold leaf. The gilded surface was then gently rubbed to reveal a subtle bit of the red beneath.

Hand carving hand crafting hand carved frames custom framing oval frames
Boards being glued together and cut into the oval frame molding

Once the gilding process was complete, the gold was sealed and the rest of the frame was painted black. The stretched canvases were then secured into the floater frames giving the trio of paintings a stylish finished look. The art was then delivered and installed at the collector's home by the Art Delivery Van team. Everyone was thrilled with the results! 

Hand crafted custom framing in NYC hand gilding 22K gold leaf hand painted frame floater frame
Details showing the red clay and gold leaf process and the finished result

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