Framing Masters of Modern Art from "The Peace Portfolio"

Posted on April 26, 2017 by Alison Pierz

Adolph Gottlieb's framed 1970 lithograph from the "Peace Portfolio"

The Frames and Stretchers team is thrilled to continue our ongoing association with the Ford Foundation. We recently had the pleasure of framing a complete set of The Peace Portfolio prints for their collection. We honored these masterpieces of Modern Art with custom framing using black hardwood maple molding. All 12 of the artworks were floated on museum mat boards using traditional Japanese paper hinges and rice paste and high grade UV protective plexi.

The Peace Portfolio is a set of vintage lithograph and screen prints originally published by the Academic and Professional Action Committee for a Responsible Congress. According to the artnet auction listing, the original purpose of the portfolio was to,"raise money for ‘the politics of peace,’ and proceeds were distributed to candidates in the 1970 election committed to ending the Vietnam War and for the return of social and racial justice in the United States.”

Peace Portfolio Robert Rauschenberg Saul Steinberg 

Stascia with framed works by Robert Rauschenberg and Saul Steinberg from the "Peace Portfolio"

This amazing collection of artworks resonates with relevance in today’s current political climate, but features works from significant twentieth century artists including: Adolph Gottlieb, Lee Krasner, Robert Motherwell, Robert Rauschenberg, and Saul Steinberg among others. Gottlieb, Krasner and Motherwell are stellar examples of American Abstract Expressionism (AbEx) with connections to the New York School while Rauchenberg represents a link between AbEx and the later Pop Art movement. Steinberg, a cartoonist and illustrator whose was often featured in The New Yorker, adds an example of figurative illustration to this impressive collection. Rounding out the set of 12 original graphics are works by: Allan D’Arcangelo, Herbert Ferber, William Stanley Hayter, George Ortman, Estaban Vicente and Larry Zox. Prints from the portfolio are represented in numerous museum collections. 

 Peace Portfolio George Ortman Lithograph

Antonio with George Ortman's lithograph, "Peace"

Frames and Stretcher is grateful to the Ford Foundation for their continued support and for the strength of their mission in general. The Foundation is dedicated to the advancement of human rights and social justice for people from all backgrounds.

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