15th Annual Puerto Rican Arts Festival Borimix at The Clemente

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Please join us for the Annual Puerto Rican Arts Festivial Borimix!

Bori-Ayiti: Tree of Visions
Árbol de Visiones / Arbre de Visions
From November 7th through December 5th


Curated by: Maksaens Denis, Michelange Quai and Miguel Trelles

Assistant curator: Tatiana Ronderos

Special guest:  Maud Duquella honoring Arnaldo Roche Rabell

Physical Venue:

The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center,

LES and Abrazo Interno Galleries

107 Suffolk St, New York, NY 10002

Virtual Venue:

A Virtual Exhibition through Teatro LATEA´s website and Facebook Channel


Facebook Channel :

Video Feature with Frames and Stretchers: 

To celebrate our recent work with Puerto Rican-Haitian artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, Frames and Stretchers invites you to watch a short documentary filmed in our studio at The Clemente by Auduz Productions:


Opening Night:

Meet the video artists involved in the 15th Annual Puerto Rican Arts Festival Borimix followed a special invocation by Bori-Ayiti’s curator Michelange Quai

A Virtual and physical Jam @ Teatro LATEA’s website and Facebook Platform

November 7th at 8:30pm EST


Facebook Channel :


El Clemente, Teatro Sea and Teatro LATEA are pleased to present Bori-Ayiti: Tree of visions, the virtual and physical art exhibition of the Annual Puerto Rican Arts Festival Borimix. This year we celebrate Haiti. The opening night will include performances by Haitian musician Okai Muisik and the boricua Latin Jazz maestro Fernando Garcia and his Bomba troupe joined by Regime Romain.

The exhibition displays the artwork of 20 Haitian and Puerto Rican video artists. the Haitian work exhibited/streamed in “Bori-Ayiti: Tree of visions” transports Puerto Ricans, all Antilleans and many Latin Americans, to a place as likely to be familiar as it is likely to be unknown. And yet certain traits of the architecture, the music, and even the people’s expression lead to a place not unlike home.

Some Haitian and Puerto Rican pieces allude to a fundamental history of the Indigenous, America, the Mestizo America, the Black and Mulatto America, the America where Spanish, Portuguese and French are spoken. This is a heritage bequeathed to the world by Afro-descendants that were coerced into learning the beliefs of others, which they in turn internalized and learned to wield with mastery. Consequently, the very “professor” disqualified them from the recitation. The triumph of Haitian self-determination after the Haitian Revolution led to their ostracism by the rest of the Caribbean, the Americas, and Europe. And still, the world continues to be afraid of the ultimate consequences of a “truth” that exacted liberty, equality, fraternity for some at the expense of others.

Some things have not changed, we are in a moment where the hope for change has reignited. Our Bori-Ayiti is a celebration of the Antillean brotherhood/sisterhood and our humble homage to the Haitians who, with enduring sacrifice, opened the way for an ever-elusive equality.


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Bori- Ayiti: Tree of Visions exhibition

Participating artists


Dymy Chouloute

Awilda Sterling- Duprey

Shirley Bruno

Margarita Vincenty

Daniel Lind-Ramos

Adler Pierre

Julián Garnik

Romel Jean Pierre

Melvin Audaz

Steevens Simeon

Juanita Lanzó

Michelange Quay

José Luis Cortés

Maksaens Dennis

Marco Saint-Juste


Margarita Vincenty

Gasner Francois

Marco Saint-Juste

Arnaldo Roche


LES Gallery

Patricia Brintle


Mrs. Brintle is Haitian, self-taught and a full-time artist.  She emigrated to New York City in 1964 but travels to her homeland every year.  Brintle’s art does not follow a particular style, rather, it responds to the moment.  Her art calls the viewer to a thoughtful reflection as they discover something new in the Haitian life, culture, and history. Brintle’s art bridges the gap between the Haitian on the island and the Haitian Diaspora.  It tells a story which often continues in subsequent paintings because it keeps an open mind and moves on its own.  Brintle believes that her responsibility as an artist resides in the artwork itself.  Once finished, it belongs to the world and each viewer takes a piece with them; once signed, the artwork flies on its own.


Abrazo Interno Gallery

Diógenes Ballester


Mr. Ballester is a renowned visual artist, writer and educator from Ponce Puerto Rico and has lived in New York City (East Harlem) for the past 40 years. The creation of his installations is derived from his experiences is Paris, New York, Asian, the Caribbean and of course Puerto Rico. Following his thinking as an arteologist after his return from Paris to New York in 2000. According to Ballester, every artist, in the process of creating art, is also a student and scholar of art, history, culture and philosophy. The artist who consciously engages in this multiplicity of roles can be considered an "arteologist. The arteologist transforms what he or she discovers and like an egregor or griot, the arteologist built connections. In contemporary art these connections bring together cultural identity, historical significance, and spiritual transformation.



Video streaming will be followed by brief artists’ commentary:


November 7th Opening



Video Artists Greeting

Invocation by Bori-Ayiti’s curator Michelange Quai

Video Preview



Bori-Ayiti Jam:

Afro-Caribbean Jazz with Fernando García featuring Okai Musik joined by:




November 9th 5pm

Dymy Chouloute and Awilda Sterling- Duprey


November 11th 5pm

Shirley Bruno and Daniel Lind-Ramos


November 13th 5pm

Adler Pierre and Julián Garnik


November 26th 5pm

Romel Jean Pierre and Melvin Audaz


November 18th 5pm

Steevens Simeon and Juanita Lanzo

Margarita Vincenty and Gasner Francois


November  20th 5pm

Michelange Quay and José Luis Cortés


November 23rd 5pm

Maksaens Dennis and Castellana


November 27th 5pm

Arnaldo Roche Rabell in memoriam

Texts by Maud Duquella


Co-produced by Teatro LATEA


Light Designer - Miguel Valderrama

Tatiana Ronderos - Assistant Artistic Director

Frank Fantini - Director of operations/ Web Master

Miguel Trelles - Executive Director / Artists

For any questions or collaborations please contact us at: / 347-705-0081

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