Spotlight on Bradley Wood

Posted on November 26, 2016 by Erick Rios

Originally from Canada, Bradley Wood is an expressive artist who is currently based in the New York City. His artwork exudes feelings of luxurious intimacy. When looking at one of his works, you imagine that you're watching a private scene with a glamorous vintage quality. 

The painting Dad's House by New York based artist Bradley Wood featuring a polar bear.

Dad’s house, 2015

We are building custom heavy duty interlocking wood stretcher for Bradley's work that will be shown in Human Exhibition Art Fair this fall in Los Angeles, Art Toronto and Pulse Miami Beach during the Miami Art Basel in December.

A large custom interlocking stretcher built at Frames and Stretchers on the Lower East Side in the Clemente building.

A custom interlocking stretcher assembled at Frames and Stretchers.

Bradley studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, California Institute of the Arts and at the Art Center Europe in Switzerland. Among his artistic influences, he counts Vuillard and Bonnard. The gestures and fluid nature of his subjects are a memorable component of his work. The long limbs and lounging positions combined with his use of oil paint make his work alluring and visually exciting. According to Wood, some of the subjects of his paintings are fantasized narratives about intriguing people he observes in his day to day life. 

The painting Gloria by New York based artist Bradley Wood featuring a polar bear.

Gloria, Bradley Wood

An oil painting by NYC based artist Bradley Wood entitled, Hawk Lady.

Hawk Lady, Bradley Wood

During his creative process, Bradley could be inspired by anything. In an interview with Jacksons Art, he states "It could be, a hat from a Vogue magazine, a patterned rug from a 1950’s film, a pair of tube socks from memory. It’s always a compilation that’s really not overly planned." Watching him work is certainly a fascinating process as well. Saatchi Art made an intuitive video that gives an inside look at the process. Bradley is currently showing a solo show at Angell Gallery in Toronto and will be showing at the Human Exhibition Show . To see more of his work, visit his website for an in-depth viewing. 



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