Unique Gilded Mats for A Vintage Movie Poster or Your Art

Posted on June 10, 2019 by Alison Pierz

 Thomas Crown Affair Vintage movie poster custom framing
The completed framing project with walnut molding and gilded linen mat

A water gilded mat board beautifully sets off this vintage movie poster for The Thomas Crown AffairThe artwork from this 1968 Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway classic (remade years later with Pierce Brosnan) suggested a design bridging mid-century modernism and contemporary aesthetics. We chose a hardwood walnut frame with matching splines for the molding and created a truly unique mat based on the customer's request. The complete design also included 99% UV protection Conservation Clear acrylic and a backing strainer or support brace. 
Walnut splined corners custom frame gilded gold leaf mat
Details showing the walnut splined closed corners and the gilded linen mat

Frames and Stretchers is currently the only fine art framing studio in New York City offering a selection of custom color acrylic mats with an option of gilding with precious metal leaf. Conventional color mats are generally made from wood pulp paper as opposed to cotton rag which is the choice specified for archival grade framing. Archival cotton rag mats are acid-free and so are acrylic mats. This means your artwork is protected from discoloration and becoming brittle over time. We can create an acrylic mat in nearly any color you wish! The choices include solid colors, contrasting bevels and even gilding. Because these are completely custom fabricated you can bring in your own paint swatches and we're happy to match.

A selection of color acrylic mat samples with matching or contrasting bevels

When our client came to us with a collection of vintage posters including this and some Star Wars gems, they were interested in the gilded bevel mat idea. We came up with a variation on the acrylic that harmonized nicely with the warm walnut wood. The end choice was an ivory colored linen set off with a 24-carat gold beveled mat. 

Frames and Stretchers is continually seeking out and employing innovative ideas in custom framing materials and design. We hope you'll come visit one of our studios soon to see what we can create for your work of art!

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