Double-Sided Gilded Picture Frame for Pearl Jam Silkscreen

Posted on September 21, 2020 by Bethany Hughes


The final results of a double-sided picture frame that we custom gilded with 22K gold leaf for this Pearl Jam silkscreen

We recently had the honor of giving this Pearl Jam silkscreen a special double-sided frame to show both sides of the artwork. 

For any artworks with signatures, personal notes, or features on both sides of the artwork that our clients would like visible, a double-sided frame can be an excellent option to offer the ability of keeping both sides visible for an extra special reveal. 


We loved being able to enhance and protect both sides sides of this Pearl Jam silkscreen with a custom gilded double-sided picture frame

To create this custom picture frame, we used a natural maple frame with closed corners and natural splines. The designing details include quattro red clay with wood spacers and a 22 K yellow gold leaf finish.

The front layer of this piece is glazed with museum glass for full UV protection and a barrier to prevent colors fading due to sun damage, dust and environmental effects over time. 

A beautiful closed corner solid maple frame with gilding details to give this piece a timeless finish

For any questions about custom projects, design ideas, or fine art stretching, restoration, or shipping logistics, Frames and Stretchers has got you covered. Our expert framing team is happy to help and provide recommendations based on your framing preferences and goals. 

Our studios in New York City, New Haven and Miami are available to take your call at 347-705-0081 and offer you the best experience with having your artwork framed, stretched, or prepared for travel to its next destination.

Take an inside look at our framing studio in Lower East Side, and  the final results of gilding this Pearl Jam silkscreen with museum glass and a double-sided custom picture frame!

Whether your project is large or small, traditional or irregularly shaped, Frames and Stretchers can bring any design idea to reality. We only use 100% archival materials, and have many years experience in NYC working with museums, galleries and collectors to build the best quality frames, interlocking stretchers, art crates and more.

Take a look at some of our Framing Design Collections, or stop by one of our locations in NYC, New Haven and Miami to learn more.


Details of the custom gilded double-sided frame for a Pearl Jam silkscreen

As part of commitment to offering the most trusted and accessible framing services to our clients, we also have the option of booking a Free Video Consultation, where one of our framing experts will be happy to assist you directly with your project and choosing materials right for you. 

We look forward to connecting over creating the most innovative and custom designs for your artwork. Please Contact Us Here for any questions or quotes for your project -- We hope to hear from you soon! 

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Custom Picture Framing for Mr. Brainwash Using Float Mount Technique

Posted on July 31, 2020 by Bethany Hughes

Our team created this custom floater frame for Mr. Brainwash Artwork

One of our latest projects we loved was getting to build the best custom picture frame for this Mr. Brainwash piece for a collector in New York City. At our Frames and Stretchers studios in NYC, New Haven and Miami, conservation of artwork is our highest priority. All the materials we use are 100% archival, with many options available for customizing picture framing and canvas stretching exactly to our client’s wishes.

We love working one on one with artists and collectors to build the highest quality canvas stretchers and custom picture frames that will enhance and protect your artwork’s longevity for many years to come.


Our expert craftsman fitting this artwork for custom hinging and rice paper mounting, to ensure the best archival conservation for an artwork by Mr. Brainwash

When investing in fine art, the importance of UV-Protective Museum Glass or Optium Museum Plexiglass and archival picture framing will add value to your piece by making sure the artworks will retain their integrity, color, and shape and be protected from damage that can occur with environmental affects, sunlight, dust and transportation.

Any of our extensive selections of custom picture frames in New York City including welded steel, plexiglass, wood and metal can be custom made to suit each artwork’s dimensions, tones, and framing goals. Come visit our studio in the vibrant art community of The Clemente Building, Suite 303 107 Suffolk Street—one of our framing experts will be happy to speak with you about your project and show you the beautiful collection of framing options we have available, or give us a call at 347-705-0081 for a quote.

Every detail counts: Your artwork will be in trusted hands with the highest quality 100% Archival Picture Framing in NYC, New Haven and Miami

To create this custom picture frame for this Mr. Brainwash piece, we floated the artwork using Japanese paper and rice paste Float mounting techniques, which ensures the stability of the work will endure beautifully over time. For custom framing a larger artwork such as this one by Mr. Brainwash, three different types of hinging were used including pull through and V-hinging to allow the raw edges of the artwork to appear floating on mattboard inside a closed corner shadowbox frame.

As the artwork was painted with layers of collage, mixed media, cartoons and cardboard, our client wanted to see the piece floated, where the edges of the artwork are exposed for a beautiful and clean finish. Check out our process to create this framing finish using Japanese rice paper mounting techniques!

Take an inside look at the Frames and Stretchers Studio as we build this custom shadowbox frame with Japanese rice paper mounting for a Mr. Brainwash artwork!

We build all of our projects in-house with 100% archival materials. All of our projects are handled with the greatest care to prioritize the conservation of your artwork and to make sure our clients will be fully satisfied and wowed with our custom picture framing results.

For any further questions about how we can assist with canvas stretching, photo printing, art crating, and custom picture framing services we would love to hear from you! Please reach out to us for any of your framing needs, or view our 5 star reviews to see how Frames and Stretchers in NYC, New Haven and Miami is leading the way for innovative, engineered and beautiful custom picture framing projects.

Contact Us Here today or call 347-705-0081 to speak with one of our representatives about your project—We look forward to speaking with you!

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"Mixed Emotion", 2015 by Anna Fawcus from Con Artist Collective

Posted on July 11, 2015 by Erick Rios

"Mixed Emotion", 2015 by Anna Fawcus from Con Artist Collective Framed at Frames and StretchersThe photography "Mixed Emotion", 2015 by Anna Fawcus was custom framed at Frames and Stretchers. We went over the top with this baroque ornamented frame moulding which complements the strong  artist's statement. The piece is floating over white museum mat and topped with black Rising museum rag as well. And of course, Tru Vue museum glass to achieved amazing image clarity and conservation. 

Her work is currently on view at Con Artist Collective on Ludlow St.

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