Frames and Stretchers Introduces "Stretchers Bodega" in Gowanus!

Posted on May 24, 2018 by Alison Pierz

You’re an artist. You’re excited for a productive day in the studio. But first, you need coffee…and supplies! You need stretcher bars and stretching tools. What do you do? Go to the Stretchers Bodega in Gowanus of course!

Frames and Stretchers Factory Brooklyn Stretchers bodega in Gowanus Brooklyn
Photos by Jonas Hidalgo

Just like your corner store where you can fuel up on coffee and sundry items, Frames and Stretchers Factory in Brooklyn has all the supplies and tools you need for a day in the studio. If you’re in the Gowanus / Red Hook area you can pop on by our shop at 610 Smith Street on the ground level. You just need to ask one of us for the size stretcher bars you need, we have plenty in stock. And we’re one-stop shopping for all the tools you need to get the job done: heavy duty museum quality basswood stretcher bars, stretcher pliers, Hardwood keys, staple guns, mallets, you name it. We also have pre-made stretchers you can take off the rack ready to go. Need primed canvas or linen? We have that too. And if you’ve brought your artwork to completion, we have an amazing selection of truly unique customizable frame moldings. You can work with one of our experts to bring your framing vision to life. And no worries if you can't come to us... We can ship your stretcher bars anywhere in the US. Order Now.

Frames and Stretchers Bodega in Gowanus Brooklyn

The Frames and Stretchers team are all artists themselves, so we can speak with first-hand experience of materials and artist’s needs. It's with great pleasure that we join the art community in Brooklyn and we look forward to serving you!

Erick at Frames and Stretchers Factory in Gowanus with a hand gilded curved frame

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