Hunt Slomen's Fabulous Bunny Rabbits get a Custom Gilded Frame!

Posted on July 25, 2018 by Alison Pierz

Artist Hunt Slonem loves birds, bunnies, and fabulous things so we designed a gorgeous gilded frame for some of his rabbits. We framed one of Slonem's signature bunny paintings in a maple hardwood closed corner floater frame with a driftwood stain. The hand rubbed face was gilded with gold leaf over a pink clay surface.

Hiunt Slonem Bunny painting
Hunt Slonem's bunnies freshly framed in their custom gilded floater frame

Slonem works in a massive 30,000 square foot space in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The space is not only his studio but a showcase for a great deal of his furniture and collectibles as well as an aviary for his flock of exotic birds. He has over fifty parrots, cockatoos and the like who inspire many of his paintings.  An avid collector, Slonem has a passion for repetition that is illustrated in his paintings which feature multiples of his favorite subjects: birds, rabbits, butterflies and monkey eyes. He's also obsessed with painting portraits of Abe Lincoln. Slonem feels there is something sacred in repetition and compares it to a mantra. Rabbits are of special importance because he begins every studio session by sketching a rabbit in paint. Slonem says this helps him to get his Expressionist style gestures going. 

Closed corner custom frame molding gilded silver leaf
Details of the closed corner molding and gilding

As well as being an accomplished and successful artist, Slonem is a restorer of vintage homes. He's purchased and restored nineteenth-century structures in New York State and Pennsylvania and he owns two Plantation houses in Louisiana. Each home is full of his collected treasures and it seemed appropriate to specify gold for this work giving a nod to his antique aesthetic while keeping the look clean, fresh and contemporary. 

Hunt Slonem wall of bunnies"Wall of Bunnies", From the book "Bunnies" by Hunt Slonem

Hunt Slonem is a popular artist. He has appeared in television interviews and features both nationally and internationally. He also exercises his penchant for interior design whenever possible and has teamed up with Lee Jofa on a number of wallpaper and carpet collaborations. His celebrity clients include Whoopie Goldberg and Bill Clinton, yet he offers small works at an affordable price point for smaller collectors. If you have one yourself, we'd welcome the opportunity to see and frame it!

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