Massive 54' Stretcher Assembled and Installed in Less than a Week!

Posted on August 31, 2018 by Alison Pierz

When a big project comes along we spring into action! Our client needed a massive fifty-four foot by eight-foot stretcher built, installed and stretched with canvas within a week. We fabricated one of our custom "Legacy" interlocking stretchers in five sections for transportation, then assembled it on site using metal brackets to attach the different sections. We used two horizontal crossbars and a grand total of 20! vertical crossbars to lend support to the structure. 

On site crew assembling massive oversize custom interlocking stretcher bars
Out team assembling the stretcher on site

While on site we stretched a gesso primed canvas on the structure and installed it so that graphic artist and designer Timothy Goodman could set to work creating an original mural in just two days! Goodman is a popular graphic designer, illustrator, and author who uses text as his primary form of imagery. His art is manifested in myriad ways, from corporate projects for the likes of Starbucks and Airbnb to murals like the one created for the Ace Hotel in NYC. He's authored the well-known books 40 Days of Dating and Sharpie Art Workshop and his work is featured on a clothing line for Uniqlo. Goodman creates original content for his Instagram account under the title, Memories of a Girl I Never Knew. It was an honor to create this surface for him to work on. 

Stretching gesso primed canvas on interlocking stretcher
The canvas being stretched after assembly

The Frames and Stretchers team always welcomes design challenges whether it's framing fine art or producing the stretched canvas foundation for someone's unique original creation. Our factory at 610 Smith Street on the border of Gowanus and Red Hook in Brooklyn is the heart of our stretcher making business. We can produce any custom size you need or multiples for your upcoming exhibition. Stop by for a visit and see what we can make for you!

Artist Timothy Goodman mural for UniqloArtist Timothy Goodman creating one of his Sharpie murals (image courtesy of the artist)

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