Outstanding Frames for Abstract Expressionist Master Judith Lindbloom

Posted on December 05, 2018 by Alison Pierz

Judith Lindbloom Abex painter custom framingTwo Judith Lindbloom paintings framed in the Frames and Stretchers studio.

Judith Lindbloom was a prolific painter who worked from the heyday of Abstract Expressionism until shortly before her death in 2016. A collector brought us two very different works of hers from the 1950s and we chose unique elegant options for each. The first piece was a true AbEx composition of oranges, reds, and turquoise. The subtle blending of the abstract paint strokes suggested one of our favorite moldings. Our collection of "raku" inspired gilded wood moldings come in a variety of colors. The moldings are created by gilding the wood surface with copper leaf, then each is treated with a brushed and wiped stain creating a finish that resembles the Japanese ceramic firing technique. We chose a purple shade for this piece to pick up some of the blended areas in the painting. The second work was a black and white drip style sketch of a face. We created a more stark design for this piece with a black mat and one of our best sellers - a closed corner black molding with contrasting maple splines. All of our closed corner frames come with the option of matching or contrasting splines - the wood inserts that offer extra finish and support at the corners. 

custom framing closed corner splinesLeft: detail of the purple raku frame finish, Right: Maple splines on the closed corner black hardwood frame

Judith Lindbloom came to New York City on her 21st birthday to immerse herself in the jazz culture of the period. Lindbloom did not have formal art training but began painting after a chance encounter with a group of works by Franz Kline. She went on to become a fixture of art and jazz circles during that time and was fortunate to find success in the male-dominated mid-century art milieu. She created literally hundreds of jazz album covers for the Roaratorio and Verve labels. In 1979 she moved to San Francisco but continued to have gallery representation on the east coast. At the time of her death, she was represented by Shahinian Fine Art in Rhinebeck, NY. 

Judith Lindbloom AbEx artist
Judith Lindbloom in mid-century courtesy of the Sonny Rollins Bridge Project

We're grateful to the collector who brought these fine specimens in and as always, we were thrilled to have this opportunity to match perfect framing with great art!

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