Teaming up with Anna Zorina Gallery for Leah Yerpe's "Soliloquies"

Posted on October 03, 2018 by Alison Pierz

Lea Yerpe Anna Zorina figurative charcoal drawingLeah Yerpe's drawing framed and ready to head off to her "Soliloquies" exhibition

Leah Yerpe's extraordinary drawings warrant extraordinary framing and we're excited to have this opportunity! The Brooklyn based artist is known for her intricate charcoal drawings of tumbling figures, often rendered on a large scale. For her current exhibition, Soliloquies,  at the Anna Zorina Gallery in Chelsea, we created an elegant presentation for one of these pieces. We were approached by Anna, the gallery owner, to find a way to float this very large work on paper and present it behind glazing. The job involved first creating one of our custom interlocking stretchers, then stretching a gesso primed canvas over that. The artwork itself, a charcoal drawing, was affixed to the canvas using Japanese mulberry paper hinges. The "floated" artwork was then secured in a beautiful hardwood maple frame and protected behind UV protective acrylic glazing. 

 Hinging custom framing drawing on paper
The team on our Brooklyn factory attaching the artwork to canvas and fitting it in the frame 

Leah Yerpe works in a variety of two-dimensional media, but the majority of her works are hyperrealistic charcoal drawings of figures moving and tumbling in space. Her figures are drawn from models whom she does not pose but allows to move freely on their own. They are purposefully rendered without context, but her titles often refer to her interest in the mythological. Yerpe is a native of New York state and received her MFA in drawing and painting from Pratt Institute. She has shown extensively in the New York area and  Soliloquies is her second solo exhibition with Anna Zorina gallery. 

Anna Zorina Gallery Leah Yerpe artist Erick Rios Frames and Stretchers
Gallerist Anna Zorina, artist Leah Yerpe and Frames and Stretchers' Erick Rios at the exhibition opening

The Anna Zorina Gallery is located in New York's Chelsea art district. Since it's inception in 2013, the gallery has focussed its mission on showing contemporary American and international artists who embrace the "powerful positive image" as opposed to those who "attack and reject". Yerpe's images celebrate individual humans and life. We're hopeful that this project was only the beginning of an ongoing collaboration with the gallery and we look forward to framing more of Leah's work!

Leah Yerpe: Soliloquies is on view through October 6 at Anna Zorina Gallery, 533 West 23rd Street, NYC 10011

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