Tiger Maple Closed Corner Floater Frame for Mag Magrela Artwork

Posted on December 21, 2020 by Bethany Hughes

A Stunning Tiger Maple Floater Frame with Color-Matching Splines For Mag Magrela Artwork

At our Frames and Stretchers studio in New York, we are always excited and grateful to partner with art collectors for the most beautiful custom framing and canvas stretching projects. We recently had the opportunity to stretch and frame this large scale oil painting by Mag Magrela, a prominent Brazilian street artist. 

With a refined collection of premium wood, metal, gilded and contemporary frame options at our fingertips, we were able to design a completely custom tiger maple closed corner floater frame for canvas with matching blue-gray tiger maple splines. The final results show an eye catching ripple effect through the tiger maple’s natural waves, looking absolutely stunning when wrapped around this large scale painting by Mag Margela. 

Custom color-matched splines enhance this tiger maple floater frame for Mag Magrela artwork with exceptional craftmanship 

At our Frames and Stretchers locations in New York, Miami and New Haven CT, we cherish the opportunity to partner with many international artists and collectors to support a wide range of art framing, stretching, and installation projects. It is our pleasure to provide all shipping, delivery, and installation services for any clients who would like us to pick up the artwork from your space. Our professional and dedicated team will be happy to tailor our services exactly to your specifications and wishes.

For choosing the best framing for his gorgeous artwork by Mag Magrela, texture was an important priority for our client who wanted to have a natural wood offsetting the vibrant colors of the piece. Whenever designing custom frames our team is happy to consider the aesthetics, palette, and light in your space. Our talented team of designers and art installers are always happy to pick up or deliver the artwork to ensure it will look beautiful in your home, gallery or space.

Watch a short video below of our building process to create this one-of-a-kind custom tiger maple frame for Mag Magrela Artwork! 

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Our team understands and respects how valuable an artwork's conservation is. We are made up of exceptional and highly trained art installers, designers, and fitters and look forward to handling any space concerns to ensure your artwork will be mounted and displayed exactly to your specifications and wishes. Live in a fourth floor walkup or have brick or plaster walls in your New York space? Our team will be happy to meet you on time with positive and professional solutions to make sure your artwork will be treated with the best care and conservation during all stages of working with us. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed working with us as we will go above and beyond to give you the best experience with your custom framing, canvas stretching, restoration or art conservation project. 

We also had the opportunity to create a completely custom color-matched floater frame for canvas in blue for another collector who brought us Mag Magrela's artwork. This floater frame was handpicked to match a pop of blue in the artwork, and the whole design was completely customized to our client's wishes.


Creating a custom color-matched floater frame for blue details in Mag Magrela's artwork


Any of our frames can be completely customized to your preferences and style, such as with this custom color-matched frame to make details pop in Mag Magrela's artwork 

For the best expertise with fine art shipping, our team will create custom fitted art crates to ensure your work will be secured from the inside out with all mounting hardware ready to go for your delivery or installation.

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