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Posted on February 04, 2016 by Erick Rios

Before and after framed great wave off kanagawa at Frames and stretchers by Katsushika Hokusai
One of the best parts of our job is to see what's the next unique framing project a customer is going to bring into the shop. The most interesting and random projects are those that come with tons of sentimental value, but have been tacked to a wall or shoved in a drawer for years and forgotten: old family photos (that weren’t taken with an iPhone), post cards from a special vacation, a one-of-a-kind poster bought from an unexpectedly talented street artist, or even a wacky selfie (probably taken with an iPhone).

Whatever memorable moment  that was captured so perfectly in that photo or by an aspiring artist, we can tell you, it will look better, and you’ll feel better, having it preserved with the perfect frame. Framing can be an art and science in itself, knowing exactly what character and protective touches are needed for that particular piece. We have the variety of materials needed to properly showcase and preserve any work  keeping it from fading and becoming worn or damaged over the years. We’ll help find the frame that brings out and represents the personality of the piece, so that when you finally hang those photos in your living room, your friends will never know they’ve been hanging out on your fridge for the past 6 months, totally unnoticed.

Before and after oversized framed artwork at Frames and stretchers by Jennifer Ma

No piece is too small or too big. Bring in a polaroid or the beautiful canvassed masterpiece you created to have it properly stretched and/or framed so it never rips, creases or becomes damaged beyond repair. Everything is customized too, so we’ll help you choose exactly what makes the most sense for your special work. We’ll tell you all about the special float frames used for canvasses, and show you all the personalized touches that will make your work shine and last through the ages.

Kim Dong Yoo painting floated framed at Frames and Stretchers

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Trust us, you’ll be happy with the turn-out, and if you need more info before getting started, check out our awesome reviews on Yelp and Google!

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