Betsey Regan's "Goat" is Custom Crowned in 22K

Posted on August 23, 2017 by Alison Pierz

Betsey Regan Goat painting on canvas crown custom framing hand-carving gildingErick with Betsey Regan's "Goat" in its custom, hand-carved and gilded frame

When Frames and stretcher’s co-founder Erick went to a fundraiser at the Woodstock Artist’s Association & Museum (WAAM). He brought back one of their “Little Gems” a painting called, “Goat” by artist Betsey Regan. The goat’s gold crown became the inspiration for his original frame design, a multi-layered, hand-carved moulding with crowns at each corner. The frame was completed with 22K gold leaf over red clay and produced in collaboration with our friends at Quattro Frameworks. The painting on canvas was then secured in the frame by our team.

Hand carved custom moulding custom framing crowns
"The Legend" Rafael, who executed the hand carved original design

Regan paints with a fresco style of her own devising and often adds elements to create mixed media works. Her art career has included exhibiting at the New Jersey State Museum, the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, The Painting Center, SoHo, and the 57th Chautauqua National, exhibition juried by critic Jerry Saltz. She is also the recipient of a Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant. Regan has been working with three main themes since the late 1970s: farm animals, the military, and female concerns. Her military works evoke a sense of darkness associated with war and conflict while many of her “women” are presented under the heading, “Hurricane Sandy” and portray a definite intensity. “Goat” is representative of her animals, painted with some humor, but also a real sense of dignity. The goats with crowns are not necessarily silly or ironic, but they stand in some contrast to her more serious themes. "Is there a connection?” Asks Regan, "Let the viewer tell me." *

Custom framing gilding hand-carved gold crownsThe painting being secured into the frame

“Goat” 's elaborate gilded frame is just one example of the limitless variation of custom framing designs that the team at Frames and Stretchers is able to offer. Other customizations include hand painting, inlaid woods, welded steel frames, floaters for canvas and much more. If you find yourself on the Lower East Side in New York City, please stop in for a visit. You can see the “Goat” and much more.

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