Sculpting Paint by Antonio Santin

Posted on October 13, 2016 by Erick Rios

Antonio Santin is an artist from Madrid, Spain. He grew up in Madrid and received his fine art degree from Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Currently, he lives and works in New York. Santin has a vast body of work including a permanent sculpture commissioned by the city of Madrid and many paintings featuring lone women as the main subjects. One of the most interesting things about Antonio’s work is how innovative he is in his use of oil paint. Antonio makes use of his background in sculpture and career as a painter to create highly detailed rug depictions out of oil paint. His recent showing at Marc Strauss Gallery shows human forms or shapes under the rugs. Furthermore, he adds additional depth  to his paintings by utilizing traditional Spanish Tenebrism in his work contrasting light and shadows.

Antonio Santin rug exhibition at Marc Strauss Gallery

 Antonio Santin rug piece at Marc Strauss Gallery

Frames and Stretchers recently framed a few of his pieces for an upcoming European art show. So we got a chance to see the intricacy of his work up close. Using Walnut and Optium Museum Acrylic, we built a custom frame for his artwork. He uses white oil paint to create motion and shape making the rug appear realistic and fabric-like. 

Maple Wood Custom frame with Optium Museum Acrylic

Our custom Walnut frame and Optium Museum Acrylic. 

In an interview with Hi-Fructose Mag Antonio Santin said, “Most of the best things happening in a painting can only be witnessed when your face is one inch away from the canvas.” Although his work is impressive at any distance, it is fascinating to view up close. See the photos below for a deeper look.

Antonio Santin oil paint on canvasAntonio Santin Oil Paint on Canvas

The intricate details of Antonio Santin's work. 

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